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Super Smash Bros. Direct 8.8.2018 @ 10AM ET

Announced at EVO Melee Grand Finals
7:00 a.m. PT | 10:00 a.m. ET
11:00 p.m. JST
4:00 p.m. CEST | 3:00 p.m. BST
Red Fox
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Hoping for Shantae.
Not hoping for Simon Belmont.
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Expecting a bunch of news on what modes we'll see in Ultimate for the most part. Might get a character reveal or two out of it as well. Placing a bet on Issac and Belmont.
All I can think of when it comes to Smash now is this:
Still need to get myself a Switch. The deadlines drawing ever closer, and I'd hate to not be one of the cool kids. Not that it's stopped me before, though.

Looking forward to see what's coming. Although, it does lose a little luster for me on account of the most important piece of information (Lord and Savior Snake returns) already being known.
Could anyone who had never seen stars possibly imagine what infinity is, when, most likely,
The very concept of infinity first appeared among humans inspired, once upon a time, by the nocturnal vault of the heavens?
Boy I am excited for this
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Sure there are. I'm about to share some with you now:

So, we got a fair bit more than I was expecting with this direct. Five character reveals, a bunch of info on stages, modes, items and music.... it really sounds like we're going for the Ultimate Smash here. Here's the bullet points.

- Simon AND Richter Belmont join the battle. Richter's an echo of Simon.
- Dark Samus and Chrom join as echo fighters. Dark Samus best echo.
- King K. Rool also joins the roster. It's about time.
- Shovel Knight Assist Trophy booooys.
- Game is set to feature about 103 stages total. Includes a new option for morphing stages that switch between two selected ones.
- Over 800 music tracks, 34 of which come from Castlevania. You can also use your Switch as an mp3 player, I guess.

Honestly wasn't expecting five character drops tonight, and Richter came out of nowhere. Pretty good Direct all in all. Did not disappoint.
I'm GLAD I pre-ordered this game! Also, I sort of had this feeling that Castlevania would be getting some representation. I mean, If you look at Project M (for those that don't know, that's a mod that makes Brawl play like Melee) there was a stage simply called Castlevania (I THINK, I sorta forgot I also wanna say Dracula's Castle...) but when I saw that stage, I thought to myself "A Belmont character or even Alucard would be GREAT in Smash.....But that'll never happen!"

Didn't call K.Rool, but I subscribed to somebody who probably did.

Dark Samus is cool. was kind of expecting that or at least an aesthetic change. 

FINALLY, Chrom fans rejoice! He's here and....he's Lucina's echo fighter. 

Also...RIP Luigi. You should've asked E.Gadd to make you a Polter-Whip. Would've made that castle easier for you. 
Or if you...y'know did nothing.

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