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Sly Cooper Animated Series Starting Oct 2019
Awhile back we got word that the Sly movie that was to succeed the Ratchet and Clank movie was cancelled and turned into a TV series. Now we have a little more info on that. It will be 52 episodes in total. Anyone else excited for this? I know the Ratchet movie wasn't super great(although I still enjoyed it) but man Sly is awesome and the thought of them actually doing his character justice is a hope of mine. I absolutely loved the games. Preferred the first one and Thieves in Time to the other ones though.

Quote:Produced by
Technicolot Animation Productions, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Created by
Sony Playstation

Sly Cooper follows the adventures of an irresistibly charismatic raccoon, a modern-day Robin Hood, who restores justice to his city one theft at a time. Mixing humor, action, and a remarkable cast of characters, Sly Cooper promises to be an unforgettable series.

Quote:S1 EPS 1 - 26 starting October 2019

S1 EPS 27 - 52 starting July 2020
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Holy crap 52 episodes?! Hell yes! Now bring back the full cast, cycle all the Carmelitas as a meta joke and give us a sequel to 4! Makes you wonder about a possible tie-in game, especially with the success of Ratchet and Crash.
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I'd absolutely love a tie in game! Late 2019 though makes me think it would be a PS5 launch title if they did do a game though. I really hope they do it justice! All of the Sly characters are top notch imo. What are your thoughts @Kitm?
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I've always felt like the world of Sly had the potential to translate to an animated medium well; the brief drawn stills during the games' cut-scenes painted that sort of picture for me, anyway. I suppose it'd depend entirely on the writers to ensure that it captures the essence of the series, and I'm hoping that the team(s) working on it carry enough reverence for the sorce material to keep it faithful. I'm optimistic for the idea, for sure. Only time will tell, I suppose.
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@Kitm here’s to hoping they do a good job. I feel like the Sly characters are just as good as any character that gets churned out by Pixar/Disney. Just needs to have good writing. I personally hope it follows the plot of the first game.
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