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Latest gaming purchase?
(08-31-2018, 09:16 PM)KogaHarine Wrote: I finally bit the bullet and decided to get Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on Steam. It's been in my replay list forever and playing it at 1080p 60hz is actually quite amazing. It handles really well with my PS4 controller plugged in directly.
They did a good job on that one unlike the first Adventure. Although on PC I suppose you can just mod it.
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I really need to look into the mods for it. I hear there is a mod that makes it a lot easier to level up your Chao which is like 90% of why I play SA2B. If they would bring the Chao Garden back that would be so awesome...
Just bought Astrobot Rescue Mission, Dirt Rally with VR add-on, and Rigs Mechanized Combat League. Super excited to play the last two.
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I got the Darksiders III Collectors Edition today. The collectors edition comes with the game and a figurine of Fury. There is also an artbook, a soundtrack and a steel case for the game. I haven't played the game yet, I'm going to wait until I finish Darksiders II.
Some of my most recent gaming purchases were during the Steam sale: several Sonic games for PC that I previously only had on console. (I had most of them for PC -- turns out I was mainly missing some of the classics, like Sonic 1, Sonic 2, etc.) But, my most recent purchase was Smash Ultimate, been having a lot of fun with that game too.

One of my long-term goals is to pick up the best condition Dreamcast I can find, get the proper converters to HDMI (assuming they exist, and work, otherwise I'll need to find an old TV to buy) and pick up the original versions of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamcast. I love the GameCube versions (and subsequent Xbox / PC remasters) but I've never had the opportunity to play the original Dreamcast versions (sans Dreamcast-imitating PC mods). Ideally, I'd love to pick up a copy of the Sonic Adventure 2 birthday pack off of ebay as well. 

Gotta save up money for all of this though.
My most recent purchase was a joint Sonic Rush/Final Fantasy IV buy for the DS, and while FFIV hasn't arrived, yet, I've been playing the heck out of Sonic Rush all day and I honestly can't believe I never picked it up when the DS was still relevant. The game rocks, although it can be a little tricky in places.

In terms of things I want to buy, I'm really considering picking up a Mega Drive and an old CRT so I can play the older Sonic games the proper way, as well as experience some series I've never touched, like Streets of Rage and Phantasy Star; definitely been meaning to get into the core PS games! I nearly spent £25 on a Model II Master System the other day, but the whole Model II thing put me off; I'm looking for an old power base with the card reader ^_^
Well, I've recently picked up Timespinner and Tales of Vesperia which still hasn't yet come out, but will do in about two weeks from now.

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