Doki Doki Literature Club: SEVERANCE (Dev Blog!)
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Hello once again, fellow =SB='ers! Proto here, this time bringing my development blog on my fanfiction "Doki Doki Literature Club: SEVERANCE" here onto the blogs section of =SB=!

So you all might be asking, "Proto, why are you posting this over here? You've already have this in the Artist's HQ!" Well, since I kinda persuaded Metallix to bring the blogs link back, I figured that I might as well use it! 

So that way, If in the near future that my thread becomes increasingly hard to find in there, at least I'll have something to fall back on. it pays to expect the worst.

(Through here lies what I have completed so far on the fanfiction.) Feel free to read it and leave me some feedback on it. I would love to hear from anyone who can put aside some time to read what I have so far. Keep in mind though, I WILL IGNORE ANY AND ALL TROLLS. If worse comes to worse I won't hesitate to block you. You've been warned.

Read on and have fun!

8/15/18 UPDATE: Finished "Fourth Idea: The Beginning (Part 1)"
Man, did that take me awhile to type. I would went all the way and have my main OC start the usual events of DDLC (Sayori catching up to us, pestering us to join a club, etc, etc.) but looking back at what I've typed out, how descriptive I was, I simply said to myself "that's enough, split it into 2 parts!" 

Next update, "Fourth Idea: The Beginning (Part 2)"

Happy reading!

9/16/18 UPDATE: Finished "Fourth Idea: The Beginning (Part 2)"
There we go. Now this fanfiction can get started properly. Of course I would've described everything that happened in that one scene, but at this point, I wanted to get this idea done. So you know what this means. 

Next Update, [Image: e5009245.gif] OUR FIRST BOSS FIGHT!! [Image: e5009245.gif] "Fifth Idea: Boss Fight-Corrupted Sayori/Seg realizes Severance.EXE"

Plus, It's a good time to mention that from here on out, my ideas are going to be ALL OVER THE PLACE. They're not going to be in order from point A to Point Z, seeing as the idea list I had made for myself is the exact same way. i just typed out idea hook after idea hook. Buckle in, kiddos and kiddettes! Until next time!

10/4/18 UPDATE: Began work on "Fifth Idea: Boss Fight-Corrupted Sayori/Seg realizes Severance.EXE"/JoJo References? NANI?!
TONDA GOSSA everyone! Got a few things to update y'all on. First of all, "Fifth Idea: Boss Fight-Corrupted Sayori/Seg realizes Severance.EXE" is now underway. I didn't get to the fighting portion of it yet, but it's coming!

Secondly, I have decided to add a little something extra to this document in progress. To make the ideas I've started on look less like I just left them incomplete, I'm going to add THIS...

[Image: Blank+_193ac6f70293e9f71fcf8385cac9e8c9.png]

YUP, I'M INDEED GOING THERE. This arrow (MINUS the copyright infringement!) will be at the foot of any idea I've started on. I've always loved this little meme and decided to do something with it. 

Stay tuned bros and bro-ettes! 

10/12/18 UPDATE: Continued work on "Fifth Idea: Boss Fight-Corrupted Sayori/Seg realizes Severance.EXE"

Ok, actually in truth this update was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I was busy with other things. But here's where the idea stands: I have gotten into the fight properly, and showcased a special move of Segs, called the "Seg Sphere" I also decided to incorporate more Zalgo text into the idea, as it's not Sayori who's talking but rather Monika. She's the one controlling them after all.

There's not much left to do in this idea. Just have to finish the fight, showcase how Seg learns the titular move (Severance.EXE) and call it a day.

Until next time!
10/17/18 UPDATE: "Fifth Idea: Boss Fight-Corrupted Sayori/Seg realizes Severance.EXE" IS FINALLY DONE!! Whew!

Here's some base notes on the idea:
-Gave Sayori a last name (Fun Fact: The last name "Shimizu" means "Clean, Pure Water" in Japanese. Since Sayori usually associates her depression with Rainclouds, I figured that this name would reflect her now-enlightened state of being, now that she's not corrupted anymore.)
-There are three lines of what appears to be gibberish. I assure you it's not. Run that through a Base64 decoder.)

Next up, We witness the creation of a weapon that sounds unorthodox, but in the hands of a certain pink-haired manga reading cupcake-baking tsundere...It's her calling card. Stay tuned!
10/20/18 UPDATE: I'm going to be starting on writing "Sixth Idea" (Not gonna give y'all the full title yet, cuz spoilers) probably later today or even tomorrow. However, before I do that I would like to know from all of you that have read it your full opinion. I know it's a rough draft so far, and I have been tidying up some parts of it here and there, but I would like to know if you guys have even read it. I don't want to put this on yet,'s still unfinished ( account is in need of some serious re-branding....) So if you guys/gals/inbetweeners  would be so kind, please read it if you haven't and give me kind of a review, if you would (and give me a review if you have!) Proto out!
10/21/18 UPDATE: So....I had too many things to do today to even start on the sixth idea. (But in other news....TEAM TREAT WON IN SPLA2N!) I am going to be working on the sixth idea tomorrow, I promise. I haven't skipped out on you guys/gals/inbetweeners yet!-Proto
10/22/18 UPDATE: Ok, gotten started on "Sixth Idea (Natsuki’s Dad giving “Yamato” to his daughter)" JUST NOW.  I have to warn you, it's going to be a short idea, and it'll be done tomorrow. Stay tuned! -Proto
10/24/18 UPDATE: FINALLY gotten "Sixth Idea (Natsuki’s Dad giving “Yamato” to his daughter)" done tonight! Stuff kept coming up that prevented me from finishing it yesterday. It happens. Next up is another boss fight! Not telling you who it is though! Stay tuned! -Proto
12/17/18 UPDATE: Tonda Gossa everyone! So I've been rather quiet over the past month or so, but I assure you, I'm NOT killing the story off. The reason being for my silence is that recently, @JATF had approached me about making an official logo for this fanfiction when it goes up on I've been patiently waiting for it. Plus, I've been rather busy with my offline life and Smash Ultimate (more this than the other two things!) I did make some leeway in my recent idea, I just have to finish it. Plus, I've been having more thoughts about this project as a whole. I thank you all for hanging in there with me and I assure you that I will be typing/writing more soon!

12/27/18 UPDATE: IT. IS. DONE. "Seventh Idea (Boss Fight: Natsuki’s Father AKA Yakumo)" IS FINALLY DONE!! I tried to make it as action-packed as I could (after all, they are fighting a huge monster of a man-at least that's what "Dadsuki" looks like in my headcanon!) I hope y'all had a nice holiday season and I'll be back with the next idea to this epic fanfiction! -Proto
1/7/19 UPDATE: HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have just completed "Eighth Idea (Seg meets Anon)!" I hope you enjoy it. I have also made a bit of a change with the first idea. I had originally labelled that as Seg meeting Anon, but having labelled this most recent idea with that, I decided to re-label the first idea as Anon contacting Seg instead of meeting him. Don't worry, it'll make sense in the final draft! Next time, we have another boss fight! Then...AN ACTUAL DUNGEON after that! Stay tuned, y'all!

3/16/19 UPDATE: Whoa....It's March already?! Heh...Sorry! I assure you that the project's not dead. I just took some time off of it for a while to contemplate more and more ideas for this. Speaking of which, I have begun on "Ninth Idea (Boss Fight: Corrupted Yuri)" today so that should be done by either tomorrow or the week after. Then we actually get to see an actual dungeon in action! Stay tuned peeps!


3/23/19 UPDATE: "Ninth Idea (Boss Fight: Corrupted Yuri)" Is now complete! Also, I have given Yuri the surname of "Oshiro" (Meaning "Big Castle" in Japanese-keeping with the vibe of the source material here!)

What did I tell you guys/gals/in-between'ers? I said I'd get this idea done in about a week, and it's now Saturday? I did it! 

So, what's next? Well, We go on an actual sidequest involving one of the most talked-about things in the source material: Project Libitina. And it kicks off a 4-part sidequest at that!

Until next time!

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