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NeoMetallix's Achievements
Current rank: Death Egg
Post Count Achievements
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1k Rings! Wow, you've made it to 1000 posts! You rock!
300 Rings! Congrats, you have gotten 300 posts!
100 Rings! Congrats you're starting off nicely at Sonic Blast with 100 posts!
Thread Count Achievements
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Discussion Master You've created 100 topics, you are a HUGE contributor to Sonic Blast!
Discussion Fiend You've created 50 topics! You are compelled to start conversations!
Great Starter! You're off to a good start, making 25 topics!
Made your first topic! Congratulations, you have created your first topic on the forum!
Activity Achievements
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6 Months Online! You've been logged in and online for half a year since the reboot!
One Month Online! You've been logged in here for a total of one month! Yahoo!
Custom Achievements
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Feedback Contributor You have voted in official Sonic Blast feedback polls, helping to make the forum awesome!
Points Achievements
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Moneybags! You have $3000 in the bank? You're loaded!
Mr. Rich You've earned a good amount of points!
Just Joined! Here's some money for your account!