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SCSGuess the Sonic song!
So for this game the first poster posts a lyrics quote or a hint of some kind, and the next poster guesses the song and what it's from.

It must be a Sonic franchise song of some kind, but can be from any Sonic game, TV show, etc not including fan projects.

Posters are not restricted to vocal songs. If you want the next poster to guess a non-vocal song (e.g. stage theme, cutscene music, etc) just post a hint of some kind that is reasonably specific enough that someone could guess it without looking it up.

To help differentiate an actual lyric quote from a custom-written hint, please place lyric quotes in quotations.


Poster 1: "Hyperactive, instrumental, and pulling strings."
Poster 2: His World from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). -- First adventure on a picturesque hill. 
Poster 3: Green Hill Zone Theme from Sonic 1. -- "There's a face searching far, so far and wide / There's a place where you dream you'd never find"
Poster 4: Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. -- "Got ourselves a situation, stuck in a new location / Without any explanation, no time for relaxation!"
Poster 5: Opening Theme of Sonic X (North American Version). -- A melody of joy from a kingdom of the small.

and so on.

I'll start out with the following:

"Nothin's gonna stop us now /
We'll conquer the seven seas /
No one's gettin' left behind /
Get ready for a new venture!"
[Image: A0uWPe.jpg]
A New Venture, the main theme to Sonic Rush Adventure.

"Watch me rule the night away
Watch me save the day
Feel my storm is getting close
Headed your way"
Sonic Heroes, the main theme song for the Sonic Heroes game.

"Ever so precious, a vision share /
The future you promised on that special day /
Still, memories never fade /
Friends of old, back from long ago /
Come again, just to say hello /
And there’s something that you know"
[Image: A0uWPe.jpg]
The Light of Hope, Sonic Forces' ending theme.

"Won't let you catch me, not gonna pass me
Because I think I know a trick or two
Not gonna look back 'cause I don't wanna see
Not gonna worry who is gaining on me"
Race to Win, title theme from Sonic Rivals 2

"I know you have been afraid before
But you don't have to be anymore
No more emptiness to feel inside
When we run together no one can break up our stride"
Fist Bump.

"The sky with stars so bright
The colors feel so right
I never felt like this
I'll keep on running!"

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