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Cy-Fox[Announcement] Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Exclusive
Since 1998 Sonic HQ has strived to get info about upcoming Sonic-related news via our many verified sources. Most notably we were the first site to announce Sonic Adventure. Recently, one of our admins came into contact with several employees at Paramount in a private viewing and one of the filmcrew finally got back to us on some very juicy details. We cannot reveal the name of our source, as to not jeapardize his job but his name rhymes with Schmilliam Schmortega.

Before we get to plot details lets get what we know about the game out of the way. Our source doesn't have many details about the game as that is not his department. He has, however, confirmed that the game announced by Takashi Iizuka at this year's SXSW will be a tie-in to the movie and that the studio is working closely with Sega. Now to the details he mentioned about the game: Firstly, the game will use the same character model for Sonic that has been shown from the movie leaks. This, he said, was to not confuse newcomers of the series. Second, the game will be using cutscenes directly from the movie ala the recent Ratchet & Clank reboot. Thirdly, framerate will be capped at a solid 30fps with only minor drops during levels with water. Schmortega claims that Sega is no longer targeting 60fps as gamers only are interested in eye candy according to their internal surveys.

Now onto the meat and potatoes of the movie! To start, Sonic is not from another dimension or universe like seen in other animated adaptations of the series such as Sonic X. "The team at Paramount has decided to write our own unique story that hasn't been used before in the franchise. This helps to not impede on our artistic freedom. Fans may anticipate a traditional origin story where Sonic comes from his own world but Sonic was not transported into the human world, he was always a part of the human world", Schmortega claims. In fact, Sonic was a creation of Dr. Eggman's pollution. Before he became the villain we know him as, he was a scientist and entrepreneur. He made many inventions to help make human life easier and more convenient although unbeknownst to the general public the manufacturing of these inventions were very harmful to the environment. When a severe asthma outbreak and acid rain plagued the country, Dr. Eggman scrambles to protect his good name and create a device to clean the environment. In doing so, a terrible accident happens in the lab that mutates his DNA which alters his physical appearance and amplifies the bad desires of his personality. Dr. Eggman then doubles down on manufacturing robots to build an army for himself, further polluting the planet. Where Sonic comes in is, after Eggman ceases control of part of the country, Sonic ends up walking through a toxic cesspool created by Dr. Eggman's factories which mutates him from a normal animal into the more humaniod version we know.

The movie will feature more than just Sonic too! In fact, his friends will embody nearly 60% of the scenes in the movie. "We wanted to add variety and diversity to the movie and we couldn't do that just by focusing only on Sonic," Schmortega claims. Some of those included in the movie are series staples such as Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles the Echidna. It will contain lots of series humor as well for longtime fans, making some references to the worst Sonic games to have released. One scene has Sonic bolting off a cliff where Tails has to quickly catch him from plummeting to his death. When asked what he was thinking Sonic replies, "Sorry buddy, the camera glitched behind the wall and I couldn't see where I was going."

Finally, the last detail we have is that there will be a wide range of merchandise launched alongside these two. The biggest marketing push will be for a set of large robotic Chao plushies with the more realistic physical appearance of the movie CGI characters and ability to walk and move appendages. They will need to be fed and are capable of increasing stats which can be seen using an app on your phone. The purpose is to turn your household into a real life Chao garden. Other merchandise includes mugs, keychains, and posters.

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