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One of a Kind; Me & Holly
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Along the coastline to the east lies Galvahal near the river of Toma. Town it self is nothing extraordinary it do provide the basics of a lively community with it's various shops, selection of taverns and houses to those who live inside. However summarized, it does allocate two main districts, one to the north where most villagers reside, only the town's most famous tavern of "River" resides within at the center. Toward the south lies what you'd imagine, the many variants of market stands, specially during seasons when all kind of seasoned travelers come by showing their merchandises. There's also the local town's blacksmith/armorer and then a few other various shops offering provisions, as well some local food from the farms, as well hunters with their wide selection of meat.
Last but not least, there's the tall tower which where the town's famous mages guild reside. You can't possible miss it, being completely opposite from the tavern of River.

Though by no means, what stands out is the castle it self, towering in the background, placed on the hill toward the west, having to cross Toma by the largely scaled sized bridge allowing for safe passage by wast amount of armies, as well many travelers.
Anyway, between the castle and the town, large stretches of fields where most of the local farmers has made their homes, as well allowing for crops to flourish with the nearby water, it is prosperous.
Upon entering the castle, you'll be addressed by at least two armed soldiers, without a certain certificate most citizens aren't allowed to enter, unless said otherwise by one of the main authorities.

Upon entering you'll enter into castle garden, the floor it self is decorated by mostly grass, which has been cut by perfection. Paved roads made from marble which moves in three directions. On the left flank resides one of the main pavilions as well a fountain firmly attached nearby as well tons of flowers and bouquet, it's a marvel to behold for those being allowed inside. Toward the right is one tall tree, it's said to bring fortune, as well a few benches, and more flowers and the entrance toward the barracks.
Toward the left are also the Castle treasury chamber, it's heavily guarded so only a wise fool would attempt stealing anything under the crown's nose.
Move straightforward and you'll enter the main hall, not without a few doors of course, but besides that, there's little to be spared in form of expenses. You'd think the king's mad of luxury with most of the walls decorated. Once you've passed the two main doors, you'll enter the throne room. Pillars on both sides, as well a huge red carpet, stretching toward the far end, where the king can be found during meetings.
Chairs are mostly stacked in one of the corners, as to only be used during certain explicit moments, such as weddings, coronations and so on.
There's two doors, and behind the king's chair is a stairway that can be walked up in ether direction.
Following the door toward the right you can reach the barracks by following undergo tunnels, unfortunate you would have to make it past the dungeons on your way there. Murderous rats, thieves and other criminals all reside down there. But who would want to visit the barracks anyway, it's mostly prohibited, excluding personal.
Toward the left are the servants room. As well the dining hall, that is indeed another marvel, as the table it self can hold more then twenty at each side, including the king and queen's position, if there is any?

You can imagine what's above is mostly private, I can't indulge you any further what's up there, all I can say is, the castle is a must to visit if your allowed an entrance.

Signing off Graham Falcon, writer and scholar.

There's a storm on the approach, it's current day is Wednesday, everything goes on as normal, with one exception most villagers are looking to retreat inside due to the rain.
It's only two days before summer season shall have it's traditional gathering of countless of merchants from all corners of the world.
None would dare believe that today wouldn't be like any other normal day.

A few guards on patrol making sure nothing unusual goes on. Apart from the occasional drunken fool, there's little in ways of handling with anything major.
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You wish you had hair like this~

It was in an alleyway that the light appeared, unseen by most eyes save for that of a small rat that happened to be scurrying past. Temporarily blinded by the sudden flash of illumination, the rodent scampered into an upturned crate. Had it been been able to, it would have seen a figure slump down onto the slick cobblestone.

The being lay there for a few seconds, the only movement being the light breeze ruffling dark green fur. His first voluntary motion was a light twitch of the ear, followed by a soft moan as he pulled himself up to unsteady feet. He shook his head to clear away the fog clouding his mind. "Whoa... I wish they had told me this would be so... disorienting..."

His mind now clear, he cautiously made his way out of the alleyway. Behind him, the recovered rat peeked its head out of the crate to see that it was a wolf just past the cusp of adulthood that had appeared out of seemingly nowhere. The canine's thick bushy tail lightly twitched behind him as he headed into the town proper.

The wolf slowed to a stop as he felt his heart began to pound. Placing a hand on his chest and taking a slow, methodical breath to try and calm himself down, he thought bak to the reason he had agreed to this mission in the first place. For many generations, his family line had been afflicted by a strange 'curse', as they had long considered it. It wasn't a physical affliction or even a mental one. But an unusual ability that had been taboo up until recently where he came from. Even still, the stigma towards those with his type of 'skill' meant that he would never feel entirely comfortable amongst othters, especially if his family secret ever got out...

Thus, a few months ago when he was approached by a scientist and asked if he would be one of a select few to act as volunteers to test out a time travel machine, the wolf immediatly jumped at the chance. And now, here he was. First things first, he had to find someone who would know the one he was after.
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While relatively distant anyone could hear the thunderstorm approaching. Shortly after a light flicker, and then a slow but steadily increasing amount of rain started pouring down.
Not looking where she stepped, looking for shelter like any normal citizen would do under such weather, rather roughly so, she bumped into the fellow canine, who's appearance had appeared out of nowhere.
More often so, would one look back, making sure whether the other person would be okay, yet she didn't have even the audacity to do so. Instead, with her already long sized black hood, covering most of her back, as well leaving little for exposure on her identity, only her red bushy tail revealed it self, upon increasing her every step as to avoid any potential confrontation. Perhaps it's her disbelief that this was no more then an obstruction that she simply hadn't spotted while looking for cover. Nor did she ever consider a response in the background, simply decided to ignore such.

She quickly took a turn toward the left at the nearest cross section, already booming with activity near the famous tavern or River, if not being chased down, there's a small chance she would mangle up with the other citizens, quickly erasing her prominent rudeness.
As you imagine, the umbrella hasn't been invented yet, so leaves many becoming soaked by the continuation rain, and lightning flash, creeping ever closer into the middle of town. The wind has also increased substantially sending whatever scraps of paper lying loosely on the ground.

An occasional guard walking past, paying no mind to the fuzz near the entrance toward the inn. Bloody well can't root for the shitty weather which has made his current shift into a soaking experience.
Muttering a few words, incoherent to those not immediately present nearby, "ain't being payed enough for these days." Clearly in an rather bad mood.

An rather random human person runs up to him, as if complaining that she aren't allowed entrance to the inn.The guard literally turned to face her, sneering at her request with great dismay, before literally giving consent as to what he believe she should do, rather then bother him with such menial matters.
"As if I care woman, you at least have a home don't you, now be off, or I'll arrest you."
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You wish you had hair like this~
The wolf's ears lightly twitched at the low rumble of thunder in the distance. He looked up to see gloomy gray clouds rolling in above the town. A brief, but bright flash of light followed and the sky opened up to let the rain fall. A few droplets hit the canine's nose - these he swiftly brushed off with a brown-gloved hand. He resumed walking, hoping to find shelter before the storm got too bad.

Passing by a tavern, the wolf couldn't help but notice the strange looks he was recieving from the townsfolk. It didn't really surprise him all that much - he took a brief moment to thank himself for the fact that his outfit, consisting of a basic brown vest, matching gloves and boots, along with a red bandanna wasn't as out of place as it could have been. Of course, it was still easy for anyone to tell that the canine wasn't from around there. Most would just stare and be on thier way, however there was one that completely ignored him.

The young wolf suddenly felt something bump into him. As he staggered backwards, he saw the figure, almost completely wrapped in a cloak. It was the bushy red tail alone that indentified them as a canine much like himself, though he couldn't immediately tell exactly what kind she was. "Excuse me?"

He frowned at the silence that answered him. From the way the stranger was running, she looked to be in quite a hurry, but that was still no call for her to be that rude. He decided to follow she, more for curiousity's sake than anything else. Perhaps she knew where the best place to escape from the steadily increasing rain was. So, he ran after her, the sound of splashing water mingling with that of his footsteps. The wolf followed the figure as closely as he could, nearly loosing her in a crowd when they reached a cross-section.

By this time, the wind had started to pick up and the green-furred canine started to shiver with the drop of temperature that followed. Through bits of paper flying in front of him, he could see the stranger once again. Here, he tried to pick up his pace, second-guessing whether she really did know where to go to seek shelter from the rain.
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