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Foil The Sonic Character Above You
Topic Started: May 6 2018, 06:33:05 AM (104 Views)
Macho The Chao
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Angel Island Act 2
This is a game where you pick a Sonic character, and ruin another Sonic character's plan.

For example:

User 1:
Amy was playing a nice game of golf, she was about to get a hole in one.

User 2:
But then Eggman kicked the golf ball into orbit.

After that he decided to go ruin someone else's day.

User 3:
But his plans fell apart, because Tails fixed all of the problems Eggman caused.

And then Tails decided to go buy a slushie to celebrate his accomplishment.

All plans must be foiled.

Any character can ruin any other character's plan. (Whether on purpose or accident.)

There is no limit on how much detail you want to describe any plans or foils.

And have fun!

This will kick off the post

Sonic was cooking up a nice batch of chili-dogs.
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