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The Leung East Labs Heist; Team VS Team for the XZ2 Chemical
Topic Started: Feb 12 2018, 05:02:13 PM (250 Views)
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"This is it, it has to be it! There's none others being mentioned! Girls, we're breaking into the Leung East Labs! Do what you feel the need to in preparation." "I am a man of peace and acceptance when it comes to Natasha Streisand and her ambitions, but when you challenge what belongs to me. I will draw exceptions." Two teams of people were prepping up for a dangerous fight. Both teams had put flyers out seeking assistance from outside sources, and as the sun set over Mobius and Anti-Mobuis, final preparations were in gear.

"You anger me..." Mobian 'Panther' Luna, the MFF's Muscle and 'security' for the Schoonzen Pub, had been... uh... 'patient', with a patron of the pub that had been 'running his mouth', but, as a being made for war, destruction, evil and negative emotions, her patience was a very limited amount, and this fellow had just broken it, picking up the poor soul by his neck, subsequently strangling him and scaring him at the same time, the Panther would literally throw the gentleman out of a closed window, SMASH! The involved soul getting large chunks of glass stuck into him in the process. Luna wasn't finished with this guy though, diving out of the window after him, she'd rip two large pieces of glass out of the figure, as well as taking his wallet, before wandering back into the pub, leaving him there to bleed. A black aura would surround the window and the shards of glass that she was carrying, and the window would be repaired. Luna's status as the Pub's 'security' was a job that she handled alone, but it wasn't like she needed the help! Her looks alone could frighten people into compliance, a black panther with red eyes, wearing nothing but black, and carrying a large glowing red sword on straps on her back... The Panther would head upstairs, away from the 'bar' section of the pub. The upstairs section of Schoonzen was modified to be a living area for the five girls.

Purple Hedgefox team leader Natasha 'Tashie' Streisand was already upstairs, her standard light blue dress was replaced with a black combat suit with a number of pockets. She would be looking at a hidden panel that contained three very thick 'bullet resistant' suits. She looked pleased as Luna wandered in. "It'll do it, Lu! It'll make that hunky Madness fall for me!" Luna had heard the slightly maniacal laugh that came from her boss when she got excited, a number of times, but didn't care for what she had to say, to her, that final success was the Panther's ticket to escaping this bad debt and moving to conquer the world. "Stay up here, Lu! Watch the equipment! I need to head back downstairs, our hired help will arrive soon." and at that, the hedgefox would wander downstairs to the bar, leaving Luna with Isabella, a green wolf who acted like a dog, scampering over to the panther's side and obediantely standing by her.

LEUNG EAST LABS - DELVIERE ASSOCIATION would be playing through the speakers of the area of the lab that the white hedgefox was heading through as Armando made his way through the building towards Research and Development. "I am a patient man. No?" Armando had someone else heading through with him. The ID reads;
Alternate Madness Fox
Rank A Access

Armando had given the dark blue hedgefox a pass for access to any area of the labs in anticipation of the fights ahead, he was expecting that the hedgefox may be yet critical to the task before them. "Well ya haven't ever done me wrong in business, dude." Alt would reply. "If anything, you owe me some business after- nah I kid I kid. And you're sure you'll be able to find my Amy after saving the vial?" "Alternate, your new friend, the AntiFuture leader, forgot to requisition her AntiFuture equipment from me after she attempted to enlist my assistance, and we have since, managed to mass produce the time and dimension warp bubbles upon which she left me with a few." the white hedgefox would let off a chuckle. "Are you interested in seeing Sc-" "No." Armando wouldn't even have his sentence finished but Alt knew his answer. "They will be dead by now, or servants of your former ally, at a level that they cannot be rescued." Armando was not convinced, he had worked with the leader in question, nevertheless, he would nod, attempting to look like he believed what the hedgefox said, he wasn't sure, Alt had seem them later than anyone else. "Maybe you have the right gal somewhere in your labs, even." "You... Will not be giving up your business, will you, Alternate?" "Not until my correct other finds out about it and asks for it to be cut. If... You know how females work." "...I hire female staff, so wish not for my words to damage me in future matters." "Understandable."

A little time would pass and Armando and Alt would reach the room that they were out to get to, it was one of the main 'research' rooms, only 'scientists' and 'executives' could unlock the room, so Armando could do so if he so wished, but he did not wish to cause a problem for the scientist inside. So instead, he would press the buzzer on the door, and hold up his ID card; waiting for the scientist inside to open the door for himself and his hired help.
Armando Delviere
Executive Senior
A Rank Access

"Doctor Ernest Frost" the white hedgefox would say once the Doctor unlocked the door. "I trust you are in good health?" he would ask him, giving him a chance to answer before continuing. "The labs are in a dangerous situation tonight, so I am offering you the chance to take the night off from your duties and vacate the premesis to minimise the potential danger to yourself." he would explain to Frost. "No less will be thought of you if you consider your own physical health." Armando's eyes would stray over to a metal vial being held on its own in a rack within the room, before his attention returned to the scientist, the hedgefox stepping away lest Ernest decide he needed to make for the door, Alt watched in silence, waiting for a cue for either of them to ask why he was there.
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There was a orange-pelted goat outside the bar that had seen the end of the altercation between the customer and the panther spill outside. Now outside the door, he was having second thoughts about the job offer, especially if a fate like the fellow bleeding out outside the window awaited him. But no, Kurt needed this money, and he needed it fast if he was going to get anywhere with his record. So Kurt took a breath, straightened his button-up shirt, and pulled the door open and walked through. "All right. Which of you is Streisand?" he called as he stepped into the bar.

The door clicked. Several times. Then it opened, revealing a pale human male clad in a lab coat and dark slacks rolling away from the door in a swivel chair. Flanked by banks of monitors scrolling equations and molecular models, he regarded the two Mobians from behind square-rimmed spectacles, listening to Armando's offer of a night off. Then he shook his head. "No. No, Mr. Delviere. That is not a practical option. One of my projects is reaching a critical point in its development and I simply cannot suspend my work on it for the length of time you ask. So no, I shall remain. I am fully capable of securing my research, without you enlisting the aid of outsiders," he replied, glaring significantly at the blue fellow.
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