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My starter character.; Meet Grief, he will be your villain for today.
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Name: Griefan Nathaniel Bradanksa

Age: 9 (in his late 20's in the future continuity in his Adult version)

Alignment: Evil/Villain

Birthplace: Siag, Moebius (Anti-Moebius)

Personality: Bratty, childish, brave, blunt, direct, stubborn, snarky, loyal, temperamental, selfish, prideful, naive, playful.

Powers: Size-alteration, Self-magnification, Giant form, increased strength and durability when giant, more agile and sneaky when miniaturized, resistance to concussive force when giant, spacial alteration.

At normal Mobian size Grief has somewhat enhanced strength
Grief is a size shifter, (uses his powers to mostly grow bigger)
Can curl into a ball and have a spindash, Grief's spindash is very slow and unlike a normal spindash he uses it flatten things smaller then him rather then use it to launch offensively at opponents.
Grief has strong if not monstrous endurance.
Grief can use his "Massive Dash" attack like a giant steam roller


Super strong
Bullet proof
At giant size he is almost immune to most conventional weaponry
Very durable
Tough and strong willed.
Does not give up easily
His "Massive Dash" is devastating to things on the ground
Brave and loyal, almost to a fault.


He is mortal
He uses mostly physical attacks
Is too.rash
Is a sucker for a cute girl
Sound waves of high frequency can hurt his giant ears
Cannot dodge at giant size
Multiple small enemies can overwhelm him
People can get in his ears and he cannot do anything about that
The can climb onto his back easily if he is not paying attention.
His emotions can interfere with his powers, if he becomes sad or scared he may shrink, or when normal size if her becomes excited or angry he may trigger his growth posses per-maturly.
His Massive Dash is very slow, and you can fly over it.
Must eat large quantities of food before going into battle, if he gets hungry he will shrink to normal size.
Grief is mostly vulnerable to any non-conventional attack, (fire, radiation, magic, lasers, sound waves, anathesia, gas, ect) and can be considered under powered in the Sonic fandom due to the sheer amount of non-conventional powered characters in said fandom.

Spending time with his children (As an adult)
War movies
Call of Duty
Chicken (grilled or fried)
Messing around
Playing Civilization
Breaking things for fun


Hedgehogs (As an adult)
Echindas (As an adult)
Being lonely
The Egg Empire
G.U.N (Not humans, but the government.)
Having responsibility

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Nice job for a starter! :) Like the punk style he has going too.

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Thanks, he eventually grows out of that, er I mean matures out of it. Yet those bracelets serve a very specific purpose.
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