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Cast Ashore; Zamau and me
Topic Started: Apr 29 2017, 02:03:42 PM (5,604 Views)
Hyper DragonFlame
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Wind and water combined makes for a hazardous experience.
The wooden ship is being torn asunder as mighty waves continuously wreak havoc, until both men and woman are thrown into the cold water.
Chances for survival are slim, and as each and everyone watches their one ticket toward the mainland sink, leaving little but debris floating.

Little is known about survivors, most likely those who still breathe, will ether become snack for lethal sharks, or simply drown from exhaustion.
Such isn't the case for two survivors, which we shall now introduce in a broken state at the beach of an unknown island, which taunts them at the center as it's main feature, namely a grand volcano.
It's not like your ordinary tropical environment, but in fact an rather harsh reality, as there's little but a few pine tree's scattered around.
Rocks in all sizes seems like the majority in form of terrain. Barely any life signs may be spotted, it's more or less a death island for those who made it on land.

One of the survivors still unconscious, a male black wolf, soak wet from just recently survived the encore of mother nature.
If it wasn't for the sea-crab snapping at the wolf's feet, he would've still been unwary.
Awakened abruptly, coughing out both water and sand, before spitting out the rest. Awful taste in his mouth, but it'll do.
Accustoming what surrounded him, while seated.
A foul headache, and the eventful trip hasn't exactly come without it's cost.
Several cuts across his chest, abdomen, as well down his left ankle, he could need bandages stopping the blood flow, yet such luxury wasn't to be found nearby, unless he was fortunate finding some equipment cast ashore like he...

Thinking that he may not be a lone survivor, he shrugged off the minority as his wounds, and decided to walk along the coastline in search for useful gear, or potential allies.
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renowned Zamau
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Lava Reef Act 1
Further down the beach, a light brown furred female coyote was lying on the sand. She woke from the sound or seagulls, and looked to her right and left, seeing nothing. She sat up and saw the ocean ahead, with wood what once belonged to the ship floating in the water. She noticed the left sleeve of her shirt was torn off and she was missing one of her boot's.

The Coyote stood up and started to panic. She then started to shout. "Simon, Simon!" She ran into the sea and stood where the water was shallow. The canine looked around to see if she could find her friend, but she saw nothing, just more wreckage floating in the sea, and the ruined ship in the distance.

Even though she couldn't find her friend in the sea, she thought that Simon at least made it to the island too, so he could still be alive. The coyote walked out of the sea and back onto the sand. She took off her other boot and rolled the bottom of the trouser legs up to her knees. She walked up the beach hoping she would find he friend Simon or any other survivors from galleon.

She soon found someone up the beach, a wolf but she didn't if he was a survivor from the ship, or a resident of the island. "Excuse me, are you a survivor from the ship, and have you seen fox too?" She was hoping this wolf was from the ship. She also hoped that he knew something about her friend. Even if not, at least there is still others who might have survived.
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Further down the trail he had chosen, another survivor, female of the sorts.
Questioning him about a fox, it only led him shaking his head.
"No... No fox, I'm afraid, just awoken, and indeed I was on that ship as well." Wasn't much comfort in his words, as seldom was, but their in a dire situation and at this moment, as for a moment his attention drawn inland of this forsaken island.
Not for long, as he overlooks the female coyote.
"You hurt..?" Almost grinning, as she looked rather untouched by this whole event, must've been even more fortunate then what he was. Sure he was alive, but he couldn't muster to stand, finding a medium sized rock, leaning against it, only to shove him self down, grinning painfully.

"You wouldn't possible have seen any form of medicine package nearby?" Chances were slim, but it was worth checking.

Nearby their vicinity, a sudden current among the few tree's nearby sent them swaying at an considerable rate, almost tearing them off their roots.
Yet it didn't last more then a second, but it's clear that anyone should've felt that if they hadn't covered them self up behind a rock.
Adrian felt briefly something shivering down his right shoulder, only exposed part. Quickly tucking it away.
"Damn that's cold." Taking a brief moment focusing back on the female.
"You alright there?" Realizing all this time, she was in the open.

Yet all this time, the current was only the beginning.
Dark clouds grew like wildfire, spreading out from the volcano core it self.
Rain, in a steadily increasing endeavor, they would need to find cover unless getting further soaked, which in it's worse condition could leave them freezing to death.
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renowned Zamau
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Lava Reef Act 1
After learning that the survivor from the ship, didn't know anything about the fox. The coyote was a bit unhappy that she didn't where her missing friend was. But since she found this wolf, the canine had hope she could find her friend.

The wolf then asked if she had any injuries. The coyote tapped her left forearm, what had a scratch on it. "Nothing too serious." She looked at the survivor and noticed he seemed a bit worse, as it looked like he found it tough just to stand. She was then asked if she seen any medicine. She worryingly shook her head, as saw the wolf was bleeding.

There was sudden gust of strong wind. The coyote put her arms over her face, to stop the sand from flying into her eyes, the wind made also made her fall on her back. The wolf then asked if she was okay. The canine got back up and tore off the right sleeve of her shirt, as she walked up to the survivor. "I'm okay." She then gave the dog the sleeve. "You can use this as a bandage." She didn't know if the sleeve will help much, as she only saw the cut on the male canine's leg.

The coyote notice the area was getting darker and colder. She looked up and saw the grey clouds above and it started to rain. "We need to find shelter." She walked over to some trees, that lead further inland. But she stopped by the entrance. As she was a little concerned about the wolf. "I'm going to go and see if there is anything we can use for a shelter, so we can at least not get soaked while we wait for the storm to pass. You can follow if you want, if not, I'm not going far. Also my name Angela by the way."

The canine headed inland to look for shelter, hopefully a cave at least. It wasn't long until she saw something. Angela found shelter, but it was also a sign that others were once, on this island. The shelter was a sail from a ship tied around four trees with vines. It would stop her and the wolf from getting wet, but not cold, so they would have to make a fire.

Sitting by one of the trees she found a skeleton, which made her panic. There was also a book at it's side too. The coyote backed away from the shelter in shock, that there was once another survivor stranded here. But she also feared, that she and the wolf might be trapped on the island for the rest of their lives.
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((Zamau, why are you referring it as a jungle? If you wanna use that as describing the landscape, can't stop you, but this is way more harsh then a simple jungle. Less tree's and more rugged terrain.))

Grateful the wolf tied the clothing around his ankle, adjusting, until he was firmly standing on his own. The constant flow of water, which continuously increase, led all considerations aside about staying behind.
Halting in pursuit of the female coyote, upon introductions, "Name's Adrian.
Leaving it at that, though she seemed relatively nice.

What little tree's there was, they proved too differ, sheltering them briefly from what came pouring down. Further ahead, Angela had found a shelter, which seemingly pointed they hadn't been the only survivors cast upon this island, though for now they couldn't confirm whether it was part of the main continent or not.

Arriving at the scenery he felt unease about this whole situation, yet it would do for now. Finding him self clumsily seated, he was well aware this solve their crisis off getting cold. Yet it serves as an temporary umbrella for now.
It was freezing that's for sure, his breathing created steam from his mouth, he tore most of his shirt off, leaving his upper body exposed, yet his fur would suffice better then simply clothing.

"Better get inside Angela, we'd be better off using body heat until this storm passes away." The idea was off course outrageously bold, considering they barely know each other. Sure they've been travelling the ocean past few weeks, but he couldn't remember her face among the sailors and passengers on-board. In fact, it's no surprise considering he's mostly been kept down the bay, cleaning the deck and various chores, earning barely anything, and the beating, don't even start on that subject.

"Trust me, I won't bite." As little comfort that may be, it's something she would have to consider on her own, but their better off warming each other then staying out there, or attempting making fire considering the rain, which in most normal cases has soaked whatever wooden sticks, materials lying on the ground, making it impossible to use.
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Lava Reef Act 1
The coyote grabbed to book by the skeleton and put it in her shirt pocket, to keep it from getting wet, she then entered the shelter and sat down next to the wolf, known as Adrian suggested. She knew they had to keep warm as it was freezing outside, but at least the sail was stopping them from getting soaked.

As Angela was sitting under the sail, she looked out towards the sea. She was worried about her friend, she didn't even know if he was still alive. But she was never searching. The coyote turn to face Adrian. "The fox who I'm looking for is called Simon. Will you help me look for him?" She said

As the canine waited for answer. She got the book she found out of her shirt pocket, and began to read it. Some the writing was faded, and some pages were torn, but she could read some of it. The book was a diary, mostly about the island, and the skeleton was a soldier from a land unfamiliar to her.

Angela closed the book and put it back in her pocket. And looked back outside. "How long do you think this storm will last?" She said, as she looked up at the cloudy sky. She stood up and walked over to skeleton and found a hilt of a sword along with a broken blade. She then noticed in the skeleton's chest was a tooth, shaped like a dagger.

She backed away and sat down. The coyote looked further inland, as she feared that something killed that soldier and she thought, they could be next. Hopefully that may not happen, since they have been on this island for a few hours, and there has been no dangerous creatures. Angela was still worried, but she wouldn't give up searching for her friend.
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Much any survivor would do, but whoever this Simon fella was, Adrian simply nodded toward her question, "sure, I'll keep an eye out."

The storm wasn't about to pass anytime soon, as the whole island was covered with grey thick clouds, making for an cold night before them.
Medicine had been a nice addition, but food is likely going to be a hassle under these conditions, as well, no animals, and this weren't exactly any tropical jungle.

He couldn't help but paying attention toward the book in her hand.
"What's it say?" If it's even readable. Quite frankly it's all very unsettling, with the dead right by their doorstep.

"Think we should get some rest." Or at least attempt such.


By next morning, Adrian looked past the sails, it seemed the storm had passed, and it even looked like the sun had emerged.
Relieved, the wolf decided not to waken up Angela, stepping outside, the wind was still chilly, but at least they would have a chance looking for potential food, maybe even a fresh water source, and ultimately prepare better too handle the next evening.

What wounds he had, was partly healed, and he could at least focus.
Walking around the vicinity, food alternatives looked grim, ultimately he winded up further away from their temporary shelter.
In the distance the majestic mountain spiraling upward like a tower. It was impressive, yet terrifying, as smoke seemed to arise from the top. A volcano... Hopefully not active enough to burst.

Further down a trail which the wolf had decided to follow, he emerged at what looked like a suitable base, with a cave entrance, unknown about it's depth or whether something else lives within.
Courage brought him too do a closer inspection. First the scent felt relatively fresh. Mushroom scattered about, potentially edible, though never been much vegetables, as such his expertise around this topic was fairly low. Maybe the female canine would know better.

Water dripping down from the sealing, yet further inside it felt a lot more dry.
Also mushroom seemed to be the dominant factor, while it's color flavor making the wolf a bit wary due to many being poisonous.
His eyes naturally had no difficult getting adjusted to the pitch darkness that overly surrounded him.

A small junction, as if the cave actually split into more then one way, Adrian felt hesitant, carrying on without checking back on the coyote, also perhaps telling her about this place, could be beneficial.
Yet his eyes also revealed what looked like a treasure chest before him. Yet locked, on closer inspection, could it mean the island is indeed inhabited.

Without further ado, the wolf exiting the cave, finding him self staring down several men, woman, wearing shady clothes, making it impossible seeing their faces, apart from the eyes.
Also the long spears, weapons in general wasn't to be joking about.

Adrian decided to attempt communicating with the locals.
"Please... I'm unarmed, me and a friend of mine landed upon shipwrecked on this island..."

Before he was allowed to continue, the one with the peculiar hat, seemingly handing out the orders, ushered in an unknown tongue.
"Mixtumque silentio, bene tibi faciet pro prandium Deo nostro."

It sounded latin, but the wolf had no bearings as what it meant.
And further ado, it seemed they had found the female as well...
(Probably play out that part on your own Zamau.)
Before anything else was said, they were escorted deeper into the island.
He couldn't help but feeling hungry, as his stomach kept on growling. And these guys/woman seemed hostile, which in turn wasn't in ether canine's favor.

An hour later, as they brought them almost around the whole island, it didn't take long before they were tied to a pole, one on each side, with one of them leaving behind guarding any futile attempts escaping.
"Did they hurt you?" The wolf tried to keep his voice low, while speaking to Angela.
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Lava Reef Act 1
Angela had a faint smile, as she heard that Adrian would help her find the fox. She would start looking for her friend when the storm passes, but as she looked up at the sky, the coyote thought it would take some time, as she could hear the sound of the rain hitting the sail.

As the coyote was staring at the sky. Adrian asked her about the book she found and what was written in it. Angela opened the book, but as the storm made it a bit darker on the island now, she couldn't read it very well, but she remembered some of it, from before. "It's a diary, I guess written by him." She gestured to the skeleton. "It's mostly about this island. I haven't read it all because some writing is gone and some pages are torn. But it seemed important as he was for a long time."

As Angela closed the diary. Adrian suggested they should at least get some sleep. The coyote looked at the wolf and responded with a single nod. She laid down on her side, resting her head on a rock and went sleep.

The next day Angela awoke, as the sun was shining on her face. She sat up, putting her back against a tree. She yawned as she put arms up in the air. She opened her eyes and saw there were several folks in the shelter, with a few others standing outside. The folks in the shelter looked like they were from a tribe, from the clothes and spears they had, also some of them had masks on. The coyote guessed they were from a tribe, and this island was not deserted.

The coyote looked around the shelter and couldn't, see Adrian anywhere. She was about to stand up, but two of the tribesmen pointed their spears at her head. The started to talk in a language she didn't understand. As they were talking, Angela grabbed some sand on the ground, and threw it at the tribesmen faces.

Angela quickly got up and ran out of shelter, and down the beach. She shouted for Adrian, as she ran. One of the tribesmen ran after her and threw a stick at the coyote. The stick hit the canines ankles causing her to fall forward. The tribe ran up and surrounded the dog. One of the tribesmen tied her wrists together behind her back, and he along with the rest of the tribe took her further inland.

After a long walk, they were in an area far form the beach. Angela saw Adrian tied to a wooden pole. She was glad he was still alive, but she didn't know where they were. One of the tribesmen untied one of the coyote's wrists and then tied them together again round the same post the wolf was tied up on.

As the coyote was tied around the post. She heard Adrian aske if they hurt her. Angela looked down and saw a scratch on her left ankle from the stick, that one of the tribesmen threw. "Not much." She said, keeping her voice low. She looked at the tribesmen guarding them and he had the diary. She didn't know if they could understand it, as they spoke in a different language, but she didn't much about it either as she never read much of it.

Angela tried to untie her wrists, but the rope was too tight. The coyote looked ahead and could she smoke over the trees, nearby. "I think this is their island." She said faintly as she gestured towards the guard. "We have to get out of here. can we use anything to get free. I tried to untie the rope round my wrists, but it to tight." She looked around on the ground near the post, to see if she could find anything that would help them get free, but there was nothing.

The coyote had an idea, but she didn't know that it would work. She looked at the guard and saw the spear that he was holding. Angela couldn't untie the ropes round her wrists, but the spear could cut them. That would mean getting the guard to walk over, so she could get the weapon, but the guard wouldn't give it over willingly. Also since the island residents spoke a different language, she doubt they could understand her. She glanced back at Adrian. "I have an Idea." She said quietly.

Angela started to cough like she was sick. It was a way to get the guard to walk over, but she didn't know if it would work. The guard may see it as just an act, and just ignore it. But if he thought it was real, the coyote will have to think of a way to get the spear.
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Remaining subtle as a rock, there was simply no response from the guard. As if their lives meant little, and if she's sick then one less to maintain.
Didn't take much time before another tribesman arrived, followed by several units in cohesion.

Most of them had their weapons aimed at the unwanted visitors, while one of them, wearing some witty attempt of a crown, yet it's better off not offending, as it's probably highly valuable from his point.
Ushering them in an incoherent language, unbinding them, yet they were still their prisoners, as no mistaken they weren't staying.

Their path continued further inland, closer to the island's majestic eye. The heat drastically increased, yet it's clear their on an ascending path.
Were they going to be involved in some sacrificial ritual, then Adrian wanted no part off it. Yet only his feet relatively free, there's little that could be done, flexing muscles at these folks.
Yet he was constantly looking vividly for alternatives. Also with any luck, he could use his weight pushing Angela along into ether some high bushes, or potential water.

Yet their fortune wasn't much to brag about, as it quickly got out of hand.
Fur between his toes felt like they would burst into fire, as the heat was immense.
Yet a sudden change of heart, as temperature dropped by the second.

With no ideas of an alternative escape, they were soon about to witness the volcano core. Yet it seemed relatively docile. In fact the trail continued, yet downwards. Once again the heat dramatically increased. Yet these tribal men seemed unaffected.
Until they suddenly made a halt.
Noe the men and woman started calling out several words, yet one stood out from the rest.

Well that doesn't sound as indistinguishably like most of what they've been preaching about. Yet if what they say is true, are they summoning some sort of guardian... a dragon.
Not sure what's worse. Being thrown into the fiery depths of an active volcano, or swallowed whole by a majestic beast.

Their words carried through, in response, black smoke arose, yet there was no sound of any movement, nor much anything that would resemble a creature.
At last they stopped their futile shouting.
And it almost sounded as if majority sighed in response as if their efforts had faltered.

The one wearing crown vocally said something about "
it resulted in ropes being untied, from both canines, before ordering them to leave by waving their hands towards the exit.

Just like that, their now free to walk, but it would've been nice to ask them, seen as they seemed only slightly aggressive.
Now they would have to make an effort surviving once again in the harsh terrain that surrounds this island. Perhaps that chest locked within the cave could offer some enlightenment. Weapons maybe, or something to eat, drink, as this whole journey, without food and barely anything to drink could be disastrous if something isn't done to change their situation.
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Lava Reef Act 1
It seemed there was no need for Angela to act like she was sick, as she and the wolf were untied from the post, but they were still not free. The tribe of the island moved them both heading towards a volcano. The coyote shivered as she thought the tribe was planning to throw them. She could try and fight and get herself and the Adrian free, but it seemed the odds weren't in their favour.

The tribe came to a stop near the volcano as the area became warmer. They then started to shout out like they were calling for something. The coyote noticed there was smoke coming from the volcano, like it was about to erupt. But nothing happened and it seemed the tribe were unhappy. The one who was wearing a crown said something and Angela and Adrian were free, but the tribe didn't want them around, as they gestured towards the exit.

Angela left the area along with the wolf. She was glad to be away from the volcano and the tribe, but she was weak as she hasn't had anything to eat for hours. She sat down on a rock and looked up at a few trees in the area. She hopped she would find some fruit on the trees, but there was nothing.

Her stomach started to rumble as she looked at the wolf. "Adrian. did you find anything to eat, when you were gone form the shelter." She stood up and continued to search for anything to eat. She then remembered what she found in the area, where the shelter was. "We could go back to the beach, I found a broken sword there. We could tie the broken blade pieces on sticks and try to catch some fish." She knew it wasn't the best idea, but it was all she could think of.
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It's been probably the longest they've had to survive with barely any refreshments. It's a death sentence if things won't change, so making it back to the beach, is an alternative, but it's also quite the long shot from their current location.
Descending back, there's a few ideas, one would be an futile effort pleading the inhabitants for food, or start eating what little nutrition ants and other insects may provide. As much that's true, even pest's have been abundant.

In fact, Adrian hadn't seen much a single mosquito. So that's barely much to consider. Perhaps various plants may provide some sort of edible source. Problem is it's scarce wildlife and vegetation in general.

"No, I can't accept this." Upon reaching the foot of the mountain, the wolf turned around, looking ahead, as the island folks slowly following in the background.
"Stop right there." With both paws stretched out, signalizing them to halt their movement.
At first, several grunting, as if they won't allow such orders by outsiders, yet for some reason they all stalled, looking in the face of this black wolf.

"Good..." Adrian gestured, even if Angela was probably the only one able to understand him at this point.
So images and use of hands would do for now.
Quickly onto his knees, before making his hands move, as if wanting to show he and his friend, wished nothing more then a sample of food, and water.

A moment of silence, before they approved of the wolf's request.
"Veni canes: et nos pascat te" (Come dogs, we shall feed you)
Had no idea what it meant, apart from the canes, as that's canine in Latin.

Well, smiling as he looked back at Angela, as if his idea worked out. Then when they've been feeding, they can return to their place at the beach. Continuing their search for this Simon fella, who the coyote wishes to find, as well being able to survive on their own, and then when that's sorted, finding what this island may have to offer. Also this inhabitants attempting to summon forth a dragon from what he could recall back at the volcano, is both terrifying and unusual. Hopefully it's just a myth, and this whole ordeal may pass without any difficulties.

((Matt, I'm only using a translator, so if you wanna control these men, woman, your free to do so.))
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Lava Reef Act 1
Seeing that tribe didn't attack them when Adrian told them to stop, then one of them talking to the wolf in that language she didn't understand. Angela guessed they were not their enemies, as her friend smiled back at her. With another rumble of her stomach, the coyote glanced at the volcano then followed the tribe back to what she assumed was their camp.

The coyote walked alongside Adrian as they headed down the path. She looked at the wolf then gazed ahead. "Can you understand what they're saying? Also do you know what language it is?" She hoped he knew since it may help. She hoped she could learn it too, or she could pick it up, depending on how long they would remain stranded.

Angela walked up to one of the tribesmen and was wondering how long the journey would be to the destination. "Excuse me. I'm just thinking how long it would take until we get back to your camp?" She asked with a smile, hoping at least one of the tribesmen could understand her. The tribesman looked at the coyote then looked ahead, he didn't say anything. The canine guessed he didn't know what she was saying. The dog headed back and continued to walk alongside the wolf.

Angela soon got her answer when they would arrive at the camp, as she saw what she assumed was their leader stop by an opening between two torches. The coyote saw a few huts and a large stone building far at the back. She assumed this was their camp. The leader started to walk up towards he and wolf, as the tribe headed into the camp. The leader gestured the two canines to follow him into the area, he started to walk back towards the camp and the dog followed.

It was huge inside the camp. The leaded gestured the two canines to four stone benches surrounding a fire. Angela sat down on one of the benches and was glad that she was getting some food. She saw the leader walk away heading into the stone structure what had two other tribesmen guarding the entrance, one them stared angrily back at the coyote.

Angela turned to look at the fire and was worried. She didn't know why that guard give her an angry stare. Maybe it was because she along with Adrien are outsiders in the tribe, but the other tribesmen seem okay with the two canines in the camp since they are going to give them food.

Maybe it was because she looked at the stone structure. It had had some broken statues on the front but above the door way it had a big statue of a dragon with red jewels as it's eyes, and below the statue was carving of a mountain from the top of the doorway the bottom at each side. The coyote wondered if that carving had something to do with the volcano she saw, and was the more to this island than what she thought.
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That sums their theory, these men and woman are worshiping a dragon, which seems non-existent. Also it's obvious for a moment they would use the canine's as a sacrificial atonement, however luck or mere coincidence as such creature weren't the real thing, now was it?
Now after much effort, they almost look upon these outsiders as equals, excluding some who believe they are here to plunder and scavenge. While not entirely true, it's hard confronting them otherwise, considering their lack of vocabulary.

Shortly after taking a seat, food was served. While shallow in proportions, it'll do, in fact anything will do.
No such thing as cutlery, as such, hands are all that's left. It all went inside the wolf's belly, sufficient, yet it won't last them more then a couple of hours.
Begs the differ, where's the wildlife at anyway. Not even a single bird has been seen throughout their journey back and forth into the mountain's jaw.

Perhaps they will allow them too unwind, backtracking, whether it's such a wise move, that's make him question Angela.
"What you think, shall we stay, or leave... I'm having little hope we'll find your friend however."
This island has been harsh ever since their arrival it's been a constant struggle, luckily they've had someone to rely on, unlike being cast aside, all alone.

A woman suddenly takes a seat opposite were the outsides are seated.
"Mind if I take a seat." At first, the wolf surprised this woman could speak their language. Yet also relieved, they've found someone to communicate with, and such comes the question.

"By all means... You know the English language?" Adrian didn't even hesitate, as if they could get along with this female human, all the better.

"Aha! I mean, it isn't the first time we have visitors to this island." The female continues as she starts eating from her plate.

"Oh!" The wolf rather surprisingly finds that amusing, or terrifying if all have to venture through the same process they've had gone through.
"When was this?"

A moment she consider careful what she's about to say.
"A few years back, I could remember his name, Simon... He was a fox from what I can recall."

Adrian realized this couldn't possible be the same fella Angela have been looking for, as they were on that same ship, yet when she mentioned few years back that sounds rather suspicious.
Anyhow, Adrian begs the differ the coyote wishes to involve her self after hearing that.

((Lady isn't specifically controlled by me, so your free to use her as well Zamau.))
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Lava Reef Act 1
While Angela was sitting, she saw one of the tribesmen bring the food, it wasn't much, but she didn't mind. As the food was served, she started to eat it. "Thank you." She said to the tribesman. She was very grateful, although the tribe took her and Adrian prisoner before, she has had nothing to eat since she came to the island.

While the coyote was eating, Adrian asked her if they should stay or leave the camp, he seemed to have doubts about finding her friend. She wasn't to happy that the wolf might stop helping her search. The canine was about to reply, but one of the member's of the tribe a human sat down, she was surprised that the women spoke the same language as her and male dog.

Angela looked on as the human talked to wolf, as she was still eating. The women talked about someone coming to the island a few years ago, called Simon and he was a fox. The coyote stopped eating as she heard the name. She quickly stood up and walked over to the human. "I'm looking for a friend of mine called Simon. He was on the same ship as me and Adrian and he a fox." She said with a bit of sadness in her tone.

The women looked up at the coyote's face. "I don't know if he was is the same Simon. This fox was wearing armour, he looked like he was a guard. He asked me for help as he looked injured, there was a cut above and below his left eye and his right arm was wounded.." The human stood up and gestured towards the entrance into the camp. "He must of been really hurt, he fainted after he asked for help."

Angela looked at the entrance to the camp, and was convinced that her friend has been to this island. "So that's how he got that scar." The coyote looked to the human. Simon has a scar above and below his left eye and used to be a guard to the town of Hilval in Wyndfar."

The women saw that the coyote looked concerned for her friend. "You said that the fox used to be a guard? When he healed after a few days. He mentioned that three other guards attacked him. They were looking for a powerful golden war hammer. I have never heard of anything like that." The human stood and had a faint smile on her face. "Simon left the camp the next day when he was healed. I'm glad he made it home okay."

Angela looked at the women and was angry as well as worried. "We were sailing home a day or two ago, then the storm hits then we end up on this island, the same island four of Hival guards were looking for treasure? It's like something wanted the ship to crash near here." The coyote sat down put her hands on her face. She then looked towards Adrien. "We have to him, Simon is on this island somewhere."

The coyote hoped the wolf was still willing to help her. She also wondered if they might find other survivors from the ship too, since it couldn't be only just the two canines.
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Giving false expectations wasn't the wolf's specialty.
"Note, she did just say a few years back... It's mere coincidence we end up washed ashore on that same island your friend was. Also if he was on the same boat as us, chances are his luck turned against him."
It's tough hearing the reality, yet even if they decide to look for her friend, it's unlikely they will ever find the one their looking for.

"Now don't take me wrong Angela, if it's a chance Simon survived, we will eventually find him, but I wouldn't endure enough efforts looking for a ghost which may or may not even be on this island. I'd rather look for a way off this place, no offence..." Adrian gesturing at the woman still hearing everything that's being said.

"None taken." Quickly sorting that which may seem offensive.
Yet it's surprising these people have prospered for so long. After all, there's little on this land which seems edible.

"In fact, you wouldn't know about any means of getting back to the mainland from here?" The wolf questioned, relived about her hospitality so far.

For a moment she just stood there, pondering as whether there's anything coming across her mind as it is.
"No, not really, unless!" Her eyes focusing at the mountain again.
"Well as you may have figured out already, accompanying these men and woman toward the center of this island's creator, there's supposedly is a living being in it's core, but none has ever lied eyes upon it. So it's probably nothing but superstition mumbo jumbo."

That's the one word he knew.
"You mean a dragon?" It sounded so stupid it's worth checking out.
At least now with their stomachs filled to some degree.
Thankful they both are, it's ultimately time to figure out where to go next.

"Yeah, but none has ever laid eyes upon it, as I mentioned. It's just that silly smoke spewing out. In fact, I would however have a better idea, but most likely no matter how sturdy you'd make a raft, this is the mighty sea out there,
just waiting to collect those unprepared for mother earth's mercy. So forget I ever piqued up such a silly idea."
With that, the human apologized before venturing back into the crowded inhabitants.

Adrian looked back at Angela.
"I'm sorry about what I said earlier, but chances are we'll find your friend here is as good chance we'd end up both surviving a drowning ship."
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