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Amateur Voice Acting
Topic Started: Apr 21 2017, 02:24 PM (204 Views)
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"Hey, Scott! It's that one guy!" ~ Wallace Wells
So, there appears to be a very big lack of opportunities for Sonic fans to pretend to be their favourite characters through their voices. So, I'm thinking, what if we do something as a community? We all know each other (kind of but not really), we're all nice people so I see not why any negative personal judgment would take place, and, hell, some of you are probably really good with a certain character's voice.

Which leaves the question; what the hey do we do? What kind of genre do we base this idea on? We could divide ourselves up into groups, one of which does the actual story part, one of which converts the story into a workable script, and one of which actually reads the script. I dunno, just something to think about since I REALLY want some sort of opportunity to voice Tails.
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