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The New Time Eater Boss Theme
Topic Started: Feb 14 2017, 07:00 PM (93 Views)
Transcended Blaze
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Edit: I did a reupload of all these videos since people have been telling me that they all sound like noise.

These are all songs I reversed and added audio effects to in order to give them the vibe of another dimension. I reversed the songs because the forward version might mislead you away from that whole dimensional vibe I was going for. If you were to hear the lyrics in the forward version of the songs, then that might mislead you. The lyrics also convey a human personality and I wanted to get rid of that human personality.

I will make this one final last post here. I have reuploaded all of my videos since people were complaining that they all sounded like nothing but noise. I think it was the delay (echo) effect I applied to the songs that made them sound like nothing but noise. So I removed that audio effect. Therefore, the songs should be clear to you and others here now. Go ahead and listen to them when you get the time again.
Edited by Transcended Blaze, Feb 15 2017, 10:14 AM.
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