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Swearing in sonic x?; so i heard their was swearing in sonic x and it was true! i was like wow really?
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and everyone else was probably like :OMFG: I would be like that too because sonic x is a kids show! and yes I know it has guns in it but swearing in a kids show is too much and because of the guns in it I think its rated PG in the English one
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First off, this is in the wrong area.

Second, no, the English version of Sonic X is not rated 'PG'. It was rated Y7, for 'Fantasy Violence'. Also, there is no swearing in the English version of the anime. There was in the Japanese version however. And the reason for that is because of cultural differences. What may seem inappropriate to someone from the US is not so much to someone from Japan. Take Pokemon for example. The Japanese version actually had a bit of adult humor spinkled in it, despite the fact that the primary audience of the show is children.
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Pretty much what Blaire said. There's no way the English dub would have such language, seeing how 4Kids did the dub and many fans know how badly they butcher each show they air here in the US. Plus everyone has different cultures, it'd be pretty boring if everyone shared the same believes and cultures.
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If there WAS any cursing, it would most likely come from Shadow or Knuckles.
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Only in the original Japanese dub
Though I heard once that there are no swear words in the language, but I could be wrong
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MARGINAL Swearing would be okay in a kids show, but not EXCESSIVE Swearing.

Seriously, I've seen LOADS of Kids shows where they occasionally use Profanity in them, but not too much. I'll list a bunch below.

-In Powerpuff Girls, there was a scene where this one Bad Guy said the word "SHIT" out loud, and it was still for kids.
-In the first Casper movie, this one Ghost Lady, Carrigan Crittenden, says out loud in the scene where she returns from the dead "Not So Fast, Little Man, The BITCH is back!" and it was still for kids. Heck, I learned that word at an early age from it.
-In Goemon's Great Adventure, I recall scenes of Goemon saying words like "Damn" and "You're going to Hell" and it was for kids. Heck that was the first place I learned those words.
-In Silhouette-Mirage, Shyna says at one part to Malak "What are you, the Smiley Face from Hell?" and it was still for kids.
-In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Judge Frollo sings a song called "HELLFIRE" and it was still for kids.
-In Megaman X4, after X defeats Double, he says "DAMN, how could I lose to a weakling like you, X?" And it was still for kids.
-In Cars 1, Mcqueen says "I'M IN HILLBILLY HELL! MY IQ IS DROPPING BY THE SECOND, IM BECOMING ONE OF THEM!" and it was still for kids.
-In Gargoyles, there was this quote where David Xanatos said "You know what they say Owen, pay a man enough, and he'll walk barefoot into Hell," and it was still for kids.
-In The Regular Show, I remember them using a good bit of swearing, but not too much. And it's still for kids.

So why should Sonic X be any different from all those other kids shows that had profanity occasionally in them?
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As others have mentioned, there are interesting cultural differences between what many people in the US may consider appropriate for children, and what many people in Japan consider appropriate for children.

While there was no profanity in the English dub of Sonic X, there was profanity in the Japanese version of Sonic X. However, what I'm interested in researching further at some point is whether what I consider profanity is considered the same way in Japan. I'm willing to bet it's not. Because, while the language used in the Japanese version was removed when dubbed for a Western audience, that language may not have at all the same impact or interpretation in Japan as it does in the West. For example, I'm curious if profanity used in the Japanese version would be equivalent to how we view words like "dang" or "crap" - slang, but not profanity and generally not considered inappropriate for children unless they're really young.

Interestingly, there were many changes made to the English dub of Sonic X beyond the language. A lot of content was removed that was deemed too violent or sad for a TV-Y7-FV show. You can read more about this here:
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