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RP Basics

RPG and RP - What does it stand for?

Its quite simple really. RPG stands for roleplaying game, whereas RP just stands for roleplay/roleplaying.

What is Roleplaying?

Roleplaying is a game and altogether fun. A roleplay is where you have a set plot of some sort and play a character through a story with other people playing other characters to help build up a story. You could look at it like a Fanfiction built up of loads of people.

What are made-ups?

Made-Up's are characters that you create to play in a roleplay. You need to make sure that the roleplay in question allows them or not because some will just allow Sonic characters which they will name for you.

Difference Between Normal Roleplay and Advanced Roleplay

Well it is pretty simple. Normal roleplay is just for members who are starting out or who don't want to go too much in depth with their roleplay. It allows more of the basic RP skills and is the most popular out of the two. An example of normal roleplay is below:

'Sarah looked down the corridor and headed slowly to the Professor's office. She was slightly nervous of meeting the Professor. Raising her hand, she knocked on the door.'

Advanced roleplay is for more experienced members who wish to go more in depth with their roleplays and feel they can produce more experienced and dramatic roleplay. An example of advanced roleplay is below:

'Sarah look down the corridor, slowly easing up toward the door which had the golden engraved name upon it. She checked behind her to see if anyone was behind her, not that it mattered. She was extremelly nervous and wasn't altogether sure what she might do with all the butterflies tumbling in her stomach. She forced her hand up and reluctantly made contact with the wooden surface, knocking it.'
Plots and Characters


In your plot you should involve the following so other members understand where they are at and what to do:
  • Some sort of happening or story or background
  • A small or big mention of the main character(s) of the RP
  • An understanding of characters 
  • A place to start and a clear setting


When you make a character to RP you need to consider the following and add it for your character's bio:
  • Check if the RP allows made ups or not
  • A character name and other personal information
  • A background or history
  • Your characters personality and appearance
  • Include other information you have of your character
Punctuation and Grammar

In roleplays we like proper punctuation and grammar. It makes it easier for us to read and makes it look a bit more neat and less sloppy. Things that we really look for are:

We like capital letters to be used in their appropriate places ie. at the start of a sentence, the name of a person, the name of a place.

Spelling is always a big yes when it comes to roleplaying. We like to read proper english and not mistake spelling mistakes for otherwords. We do understand though that sometimes English isn't your first language and we hope to help you. If you would like some help in spelling you could always use a spell checker or go to to see what they can do for you.

Full stops and commas: 
Its always easier to understand someone's roleplaying when full stops and commas are introduced in their appropriate places ie. end of sentences, in lists etc.

Reading someone's roleplay that is evenly spread out and not one humungous paragraph is always easier and more relaxing for the member. So if you could do regular paragraphing it is always a bonus!

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