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Cast Ashore
After asking about what happened at the alter, in the tribe village. Adrian told Angela that she might not believe him, by what he was about to tell her. He mentioned about seeing someone who wasn't actually there. She looked at the dragon, and then back to the canine. "What did you see?" They were here to help Scarloc get a spirit out of him. There have been many things, since they have been on this island. So the coyote didn't see this as strange. The wolf then showed her the sword with Whitefang and Valiant engraved on the blade. "Do those names mean something to you?"

Adrian told her about what he saw. It was his great great grandfather. Also just like what was on the sword, his name was Valiant. The wolf wanted to look for a burial site, possibly a tomb. He mentioned about summoning a dragon. Although the issue was finding this burial site. "Maybe we might find it in the desert." Angela hoped they might find this tomb, on their way to look for the gem. Or the pyramid what they were heading too, was also where this burial site was.

As the Tanya was setting up the camp, she noticed something in desert. Scarloc flew up, and hovered above the trees. He could see there were spears in the sand, with skulls on them. It seems to be as a warning for anyone who would walk through. Apart from the high heat, the dragon didn't know what the human and two canines would face in the desert. The dragon landed back on the ground and looked to the human, as she was getting some food ready. "Those heads in the desert are skulls, I don't know who put them there, so be careful when you go look for that gem tomorrow." He said loud, so Adrian and Angela could hear too.

The coyote grabbed a plate with the steak vegetables. "Thank you." She said before she started eating. Angela looked to the trees separating the forest from the desert. She wondered about what they could come across, as they look for the pyramid and Adrian's ancestor's burial site. She heard Scarloc mentioning about skulls what could be a warning for trespassers. The canine and the others will have to keep a lookout, for anyone or anything that would attack them.

Once Angela was finished eating, she lied on her back and put her hands behind her head. The sky was getting darker, but the was still some light. It was probably only early in the evening, but they would have to start there journey in the desert early in the morning, since it could take many hours until they get to the pyramid. The coyote closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Once everyone had gone to sleep. Scarloc heard the voice of the spirit again, it told him to walk to the lake and look at the water. The dragon walked over to the water and saw his own reflection. He didn't know why the spirit told him to do this, but his reflection soon changed into the hyena form he once had. The beast was puzzled, as he was still himself, but the reflection was of a canine. "What's going on?" He said.

The reflection started to talk. "Don't worry, it is just me."

The dragon wasn't happy to see the reflection of the spirit, as he failed to mention the cost of bringing him back to life. "Why didn't you tell me? Someone has to be sacrificed, so you can have your second chance?!" He shouted.

The hyena looked puzzled as he didn't know what the dragon was talking about. "All I know is we need that gem. Once your friends get it and bring it back to you, my spirit will go inside it. Then you take it to were my skeleton is, and then the gem's power will bring me back to life."

Scarloc gestured to Tanya. "The human women said there would be a price. A life for a life. Her tribe seems to know about this gem too. Didn't you know about this as well?" He said in a raised voice.

The spirit shook his head. "The tribe that woman belongs to, has probably lived on this island longer than I had, probably for generations. So they might know more about them. My knowledge of the power of the gem's is from the pyramid, where I found them. I don't know if there has to be a sacrifice, but I won't let that happen." The spirit then faded until it was gone.

Scarloc was relieved that the hyena won't let there be a sacrifice. Although the dragon wondered what if the price wasn't in the spirit's control.
The smell of cooking, led the idea of a bath until further, delayed if any, considering daylight's already reduced to barely anything as the sun touches the horizon after each filling their share of food. "You know how to cook, thanks." Adrian felt it was only just he thanked for the meal which had been served by the female human. 

She only acknowledged him with a nod in return, appreciating the remark. 

Whatever is ahead of them by morning, only time will tell, as everyone shut an eye, Adrian couldn't sleep as well however as the constant reminded that he now had a solemn duty finding a single gravestone, with his great-great-grand father's name attached on it. 
His eyes shallowly looked at Scarloc seemingly discussing with someone... perhaps the spirit which resides within him. It's almost unfair, having to endure such a challenge in the north, ridding him self of this foreboding curse, now he also needed to rid him self of that same character which he couldn't control as time passed.

At first he was seated taking part of what could've been their discussion, as he could only hear the dragon, and by the expression he wasn't taking the news very well. 
Upright walking toward his friend, putting a hand upon the creature shoulder. "I know I'm asking a lot, but do you value this spirits word for the truth, what if this is all a trap?" It wouldn't evaluate his actions, as he would abide and do what he had already offered, helping until the last fraction of this curse is removed. 
"No matter, do not worry, I'll do whatever I can securing these gems for you, after all, you've helped me redeem this sword, and my very own existence." He evaluated whether his friend would address him, or simply appreciate his gesture. 

As he couldn't sleep, he walked toward the river, where he took a moment watching the reflection of the moon cast down on the rippling water. Removing his clothes, he felt the urge swimming as the cool water may very well draw his thoughts away from his own personal agenda, even for a fraction of time. It was certainly refreshing, perhaps he may have wanted some company, but he knew Angela was far away in her own peaceful world meaning her dreams.

The very next morning, Tanya woke up feeling invigorated, it was still early, and the rest still shut eye. "Wakey wakey, everyone." A grunted response from Adrian, no wonder the lack of sleep he's had, but he knew there was not a single time to waste, they needed to move. 

Having enough liquid they all started moving. Who knows what they'll encounter other then the tremendous heat during daylight. Hopefully they've passed the majority distance by then.
After Scarloc conversation was over, and the hyena's reflection had gone. Adrian walked over and asked if he trusted the spirit, and he was worried that they could be walking into a trap. The dragon looked at the wolf then at the lake. "He told me that he knew there would have to be a sacrifice, that is why the gem is needed. He told me no one will have to die as long as we have a gem. Although he did have some doubts. He told me Tanya's tribe may know more about the gem's lore than him, since they might have lived on Lynthior for generations." The beast walked over to some trees any lied on the ground.

The wolf told Scarloc to not worry. He would get the gem no matter what. Since the dragon assisted him in getting his sword and his purpose on the island. The beast is thankful for Adrian's help. He just hoped that it wouldn't be at the cost of the canine's life. The beast closed his eyes and went to sleep.

At dawn the next day. Angela was woke up from the sound of Tanya shouting. She stood up and stretched out her arms, as she yawned. The coyote looked up to the sky noticing it was still very early in the morning. She looked to the trees and was surprised to see Scarloc was still sleeping, since the shouting from the women woke Adrian up too.  

It looked like the human and the wolf were ready to go to the pyramid, a journey what could take up most of the day. The canine grabbed a flask of water and headed through the trees along with Adrian and Tanya. Angela stepped into the desert and all she could see was dunes and some mountains in the distance, along with the skulls on the end of spears. "We should be careful here. Keep a lookout for anything, there might be others here too." The canine continued walk ahead.

As Angela was walking she could feel the desert heat on her face. "I should of asked Nicole if she had a spare pair of boots." She said as the sand under her feet, was starting to get hot. The canine noticed a cave in the distance, although it wasn't big, it could be shade from the heat. But from how long the journey would be, would there be enough time for them to stop and rest?


Far up on one of the large dunes. A male coyote was looking down at the three new arrivals in the desert. "I better tell Owen that we have some trespassers." The canine climbed up on to a wyvern, that was standing by, and sat on it's back. "Back to hideout, I have to let the boss know, more visitors in our desert. One is already enough." The beast roared before it took the canine back to their camp.

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