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Guess the Sonic level!
For this game, the first poster posts a hint about a Sonic level and the next poster tries to guess which level it is, as well as what game it's from.

The hint can pertain to any Sonic game from any era including spin-offs of any kind, but cannot pertain to fan works. 

Posters can make the hint as challenging or easy as they like, as long as it pertains to either the level itself, the name of the level, or a general theme strongly and clearly associated with a single specific level.


Poster 1: A tropical and radiantly lush destination soaring with seaside wonder and the joyful prospect of freshly embarking upon a new adventure.
Poster 2: Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure: DX. -- A fantastical kingdom of effervescent joy and innocent delight, with stories written and yet waiting to be told.
Poster 3: Toy Kingdom from Sonic Advance 3. -- A daring escapade into a wintry fortress of towering pines nestled deep within tranquil woods.
Poster 4: Shrouded Forest from Sonic and the Black Knight. -- Friends madly dashing amongst tranquil waves and bobbing boats of curious disposition and wondrous journey.
Poster 5: Marina Madness from Knuckles Chaotix'. -- Early embarking upon a mysterious stretch soaring amongst island and ocean-side travels.

I'll start with the following hint:

Metallic industry gleaming solid amongst ocean depths, approaching a pathway through the sky and surfing of a different kind.
[Image: A0uWPe.jpg]

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