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[Feedback] Bug Reports
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Hey all,

This thread is mainly intended for the admins, but I gladly welcome feedback or assistance from anyone who can help with these matters.

I really love Sonic Blast -- this is honestly one of my favorite forums I've ever used, and I've used (and ran) many different forums over the past 12 years. The purpose of this thread is to provide constructive feedback on any potential bugs/glitches I notice whilst using this forum, in case any were not already known. To keep my reports organized, I will likely just update this original post and/or post a new reply to this thread with any potential new issues I encounter. I think this forum is awesome and wonderfully designed, so just happy to do my part to report any minor issues I encounter to help contribute in any way I can.

Report 1 (Date: 12/22/2018)
CluckAlert! panel color scheme can render alternating notifications difficult to read, at least when the default Twin Slash theme is selected. Example:

The notifications highlighted by the light color appear blurry and more difficult to read than the notifications highlighted by a dark color.

Report 2 (Date: 12/22/2018)
Staff members who opt to hide their online status are still displayed as online or offline when referencing the "Online Staff" pane on the right side of the homepage, even though they do not appear in the online member list at the bottom of the page, and their profile hides their most recent visit date/time. 

Report 3 (Date: 12/22/2018)
The "Sonic HQ News" widget located at the right side of the homepage does not seem to be correctly pulling blog data, as the most recent post is listed as being Sonic Team Racing Delayed to May 21, 2019 posted on Oct 25, 2018 by Lighthead, while the most recent Sonic HQ News post is actually Humble Sonic Bundle is live! posted on Dec 18, 2018 by Rabid Rodent.

Report 4 (Date: 12/22/2018)
Thread titles can run beyond the bounding forum category block when thread titles are a certain length, even at default page zoom levels. Example:

Report 5 (Date: 12/22/2018)
My account did not seem to receive the Just Joined! achievement upon registration:

Report 6 (Date: 12/22/2018)
Regardless of whether you have filled in SocialSites fields in your user control panel, these do not display correctly on posts. Instead, a potential remnant from SQL code seems to appear instead: {socialsites}. Example:
The above was a screenshot taken from a post by Metallix -- his DeviantArt and Youtube profiles are filled in and appear on his user profile, but the post data section only displays {socialsites}.

Report 7 (Date: 12/22/2018)
Deleted threads are still visible to regular users when browsing the forum. They are not accessible in any way, and their data is hidden (e.g. thread title, creator, most recent post, etc) but they still can clog up the thread list. Potentially, this could be reconfigured such that only Moderators and Administrators are able to view hidden or deleted threads, while regular members would see no trace of them. Example:
Hi thanks for the reports! I will try to fix them soon.
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(12-22-2018, 10:42 PM)Metallix Wrote: Hi thanks for the reports! I will try to fix them soon.

No problem, happy to help! Smile Thanks for taking a look.
Report 8 (1/13/2019)

Not sure if this is actually a bug or if this is intentional: clicking the Sonic HQ link at the bottom of the screen redirects you to the Sonic Blast forum homepage ( instead of the Sonic HQ homepage (


Personally, I think this link should redirect to the Sonic HQ homepage since forum users can quickly return to the forum index from the bottom of the page by clicking "Return to Top," and then clicking the forum logo.

However, for comprehensiveness perhaps the aforementioned link could take you to the Sonic HQ homepage, but a link could be placed to the right of it (directly to the left of "Return to Top") titled "Sonic Blast" that would return users to the forum homepage.

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