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[Feedback] Bug Reports
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Hey all,

This thread is mainly intended for the admins, but I gladly welcome feedback or assistance from anyone who can help with these matters.

I really love Sonic Blast -- this is honestly one of my favorite forums I've ever used, and I've used (and ran) many different forums over the past 12 years. The purpose of this thread is to provide constructive feedback on any potential bugs/glitches I notice whilst using this forum, in case any were not already known. To keep my reports organized, I will likely just update this original post and/or post a new reply to this thread with any potential new issues I encounter. I think this forum is awesome and wonderfully designed, so just happy to do my part to report any minor issues I encounter to help contribute in any way I can.

Report 1 (Date: 12/22/2018)
CluckAlert! panel color scheme can render alternating notifications difficult to read, at least when the default Twin Slash theme is selected. Example:

The notifications highlighted by the light color appear blurry and more difficult to read than the notifications highlighted by a dark color.

Report 2 (Date: 12/22/2018)
Staff members who opt to hide their online status are still displayed as online or offline when referencing the "Online Staff" pane on the right side of the homepage, even though they do not appear in the online member list at the bottom of the page, and their profile hides their most recent visit date/time. 

Report 3 (Date: 12/22/2018)
The "Sonic HQ News" widget located at the right side of the homepage does not seem to be correctly pulling blog data, as the most recent post is listed as being Sonic Team Racing Delayed to May 21, 2019 posted on Oct 25, 2018 by Lighthead, while the most recent Sonic HQ News post is actually Humble Sonic Bundle is live! posted on Dec 18, 2018 by Rabid Rodent.

Report 4 (Date: 12/22/2018)
Thread titles can run beyond the bounding forum category block when thread titles are a certain length, even at default page zoom levels. Example:

Report 5 (Date: 12/22/2018)
My account did not seem to receive the Just Joined! achievement upon registration:

Report 6 (Date: 12/22/2018)
Regardless of whether you have filled in SocialSites fields in your user control panel, these do not display correctly on posts. Instead, a potential remnant from SQL code seems to appear instead: {socialsites}. Example:
The above was a screenshot taken from a post by Metallix -- his DeviantArt and Youtube profiles are filled in and appear on his user profile, but the post data section only displays {socialsites}.

Report 7 (Date: 12/22/2018)
Deleted threads are still visible to regular users when browsing the forum. They are not accessible in any way, and their data is hidden (e.g. thread title, creator, most recent post, etc) but they still can clog up the thread list. Potentially, this could be reconfigured such that only Moderators and Administrators are able to view hidden or deleted threads, while regular members would see no trace of them. Example:
[Image: A0uWPe.jpg]
Hi thanks for the reports! I will try to fix them soon.
[Image: SonicBlastUserbar3.png]
[Image: knuckes_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png][Image: espio_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png][Image: shadow_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png]

(12-22-2018, 10:42 PM)Metallix Wrote: Hi thanks for the reports! I will try to fix them soon.

No problem, happy to help! Smile Thanks for taking a look.
[Image: A0uWPe.jpg]
Report 8 (1/13/2019)

Not sure if this is actually a bug or if this is intentional: clicking the Sonic HQ link at the bottom of the screen redirects you to the Sonic Blast forum homepage ( instead of the Sonic HQ homepage (


Personally, I think this link should redirect to the Sonic HQ homepage since forum users can quickly return to the forum index from the bottom of the page by clicking "Return to Top," and then clicking the forum logo.

However, for comprehensiveness perhaps the aforementioned link could take you to the Sonic HQ homepage, but a link could be placed to the right of it (directly to the left of "Return to Top") titled "Sonic Blast" that would return users to the forum homepage.
[Image: A0uWPe.jpg]
Report 9 (1/18/2019)
Minor grammatical error found on user profiles for accounts which have not yet added anyone to their Buddy list:
Quote:{user} doesn't have add any buddy.

[Image: WI3PX1.png]

Potential solution would be rewording the above to the following:
Quote:{user} has not yet added any buddies.

Report 10 (1/18/2018)
Using keyboard shortcuts in the WYSIWYG rich-text editor located by clicking Preview near the reply field to access text formatting functions does not seem to work correctly. For example:
  • I started this unordered list by clicking the unordered list icon in the text editor.
  • Right before writing this element, I pressed Ctrl + B on my keyboard to bold the text. The corresponding B icon in the text editor highlighted momentarily, but once I began typing no bold text appeared.
  • However, now that I pressed Ctrl + B a second time, the bold seems to take effect.
  • After pressing Ctrl + B a third time, the bold correctly disappears. If I press Ctrl + B again and type the bold appeared, but if I erased some text first via backspace and then started typing again, the bold text did not appear.
  • Just now I pressed Ctrl + B again and tried to start typing, but the bold text did not appear. This seems to happen intermittently but fairly often, wherein I have to press the associated keyboard shortcut twice instead of once to select or deselect a formatting option.
Lastly, this is a bit more difficult to reproduce but there are instances wherein I press a keyboard shortcut to deselect a formatting option (such as italics) and the associated text editor icon correctly removes its highlight, but once I begin typing the formatting returns and the icon re-highlights itself.

Please note that I'm using a nonstandard browser: Vivaldi. This browser is based on Chromium (just as Google Chrome itself is, among many other derivatives) but is markedly different in many respects. One key downside to the Vivaldi browser is that the paste without formatting shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + V) does not behave correctly, so it's possible this bug could just be a problem on my end, especially if you try reproducing this in a more standard browser (IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc) and do not experience the same issue.

Report 11 (1/18/2019)
Ban reasons seem to currently be accessible by any user, including guests. For an example profile, please PM me if needed (wasn't sure if I should provide the link here for privacy reasons), but you should be able to reproduce this by locating any banned account via the admin panel or public member search (the latter denotes banned members by placing a strikethrough on their username and giving them the user title Game Over, not sure if that's supposed to be viewable by non-staff).

The ban reason seems to be located directly beneath the Members Referred profile field but directly above the Items field. One example of a ban reason I have seen is the following:
Quote:Spam (Permanent)

Furthermore, ban reasons seem to be visible on forum posts. If you view any forum post by a banned user, you can see a staff-supplied reason for the account's ban regardless of whether the reason is chosen from a preset list or a custom-written reason.

I have confirmed that you can view ban reasons in both of these locations even logged out, as a guest.

Report 12 (1/18/2019)
This regards the Forum Statistics page:

While the Mobius Statistics section seems to update its data fairly regularly, the Most Popular... section seems to currently be under a data freeze. For example, it claims that the SHQ Chat Shack thread has 24,053 views, whereas viewing the thread in its associated forum section indicates that the thread has 24,600 views (at the time of this writing). 

For parity, the refresh rate for the Most Popular... data could be changed such that it updates at a velocity identical to that of the Mobius Statistics section.

Report 13 (1/18/2019)
This regards the Blogs:

I noticed anomalous activity within the tagging section for the blog entry "Project: Blue Jumper" as viewed from the main blog listing. Tag sections for every other blog article on the page are wrapped in the following class:
<td class="tcat">...</td>

However, for this blog entry in particular the tagging section is wrapped in the following class:
<td class="trow1">...</td>

This seems to result in the tags being center-aligned instead of left-aligned. Furthermore, directly left-adjacent to the tags is a piece of code with malformed content passed as a parameter to an image tag, thereby resulting in a broken image icon displaying:
<img src="https://...&lt;/td&gt; &lt;/tr&gt; &lt;tr&gt; &lt;td class=" tcat"="">

To help diagnose the root of the issue, I compared the aforementioned blog article with every other blog article. Through doing so, I noticed that this article was unique in that it was the only one that began with an external image inserted inline with the blog content instead of beginning with plaintext.

To try to reproduce the issue, I created a series of testing blog articles: For Test Blog I, I began by simply posting "Test" along with a series of tags. The blog post appeared correctly on its page as well as when viewed from the main blog listing. I edited the blog post to center the word "Test," but it continued to display correctly in both locations.

For Test Blog II, I first inserted an externally-hosted image inline with the post content at the beginning of the blog, before writing any plaintext. Then, I added "Test II" at the end of the blog. This initially reproduced the issue with the broken image icon displaying. Lastly, I edited the blog post to center the image and text, and that also anomalously centered the tag data when viewed from the main blog listing.

Similarly to the initially-investigated blog post, my Test Blog II demonstrates the tagging section being wrapped in the trow1 class instead of the tcat class, and displays nearly identical malformed code resulting in the broken image icon:
<img src="http://s...&lt;/td&gt; &lt;/tr&gt; &lt;tr&gt; &lt;td class=" tcat"="">

In conclusion, it seems that blog posts that begin with embedded external images are not correctly processed and encapsulated within their proper field, resulting in formatting code spilling outside of its intended boundary and thereby impacting the styling of the main blog listing.

Report 14 (1/18/2019)
Various notification-related counters can experience a bit of a delay in updating, or do not update unless specific actions are taken. For example, opening up your CluckAlert panel and then closing it will not clear out any notifications -- you have to open up each item mentioned in notifications in order for them to be cleared out, which makes it inefficient for people to clear out any potentially low priority or extraneous notifications and focus on more important ones. 

Additionally, I have noticed that clicking View New Posts in the pane located at the top-right of the homepage, when there are at least 1 or more new posts denoted, does not clear out the new posts counter upon returning to the homepage. This statistic could be treated as a notification, clearing out once the user returns to the homepage regardless of whether they opened up the new posts/threads. This would operate under the assumption that the end user would open up the new posts/threads they wished to read (if any), and so the notification regarding any others can be cleared out since the end user chose not to view them, allowing them to more efficiently be made aware of new posts that they did not yet observe in the new post listing.
[Image: A0uWPe.jpg]
Report 15 (1/18/2019)
Profile Music seems to not render correctly on user profiles when any theme aside from the default Twin Slash is selected.

Example using the Tails Blast theme:

[Image: r5ig0n.png]

When the default theme is selected, Profile Music seems to render correctly. For example, the SoundCloud embed on my profile uses the following code:

<iframe width="100%" height="130" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=";;show_artwork=true&amp;maxheight=130&amp;color=0066cc&amp;visual=false&amp;show_comments=false"></iframe>

By contrast, for example when using the Tails Blast theme, the above code seems to be completely missing from my profile, with just an empty space in between the code for the table of basic info (username/registration date/etc) and the code for the table forming the rest of the profile.

Interestingly, the SoundCloud embed seemed to appear correctly in the user control panel view, where you set the music link. The following code does seem to display the SoundCloud embed correctly on that page:

<fieldset class="trow2">
    <legend><strong><img src="" alt="profilmuzigi" title="profilmuzigi"> Profile Music</strong></legend>
    <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4">
                <span class="smalltext">Your profile music link:</span>
                <input type="text" class="textbox" name="profilmuzigi" size="40" value="">

<font size="1">Link must be SoundCloud, YouTube or hotlink sound file. Example: <br>


Hotlink sound:<br></font>
            <iframe width="100%" height="130" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=";;show_artwork=true&amp;maxheight=130&amp;color=0066cc&amp;visual=false&amp;show_comments=false"></iframe>

Example of the above using the Tails Blast theme:

[Image: mTRCEi.png]

I tested each theme and confirmed that the SoundCloud Profile Music embed only displays on profiles correctly with the Default theme Twin Slash, while all themes (Twin Slash, Tails Blast, Shadow Blade, and Angel Island) display the SoundCloud Profile Music embed correctly on the user control panel page.

Lastly, to check whether or not this issue was specific to SoundCloud embeds, I fully tested this issue for each theme with a Youtube link placed in the field and a direct MP3 file link placed in the field.

The Youtube video was the following:

The direct MP3 file URL was the following:

The reproduced behavior was identical to that described in regard to the SoundCloud embed. Namely, both the Youtube video and the MP3 file embed would appear correctly on my profile only when the default Twin Slash theme was selected, and did not appear when the other themes Tails Blast, Shadow Blade, or Angel Island were selected. However, when viewed on the user control panel page, both the Youtube video and the MP3 file displayed correctly under all four themes.
[Image: A0uWPe.jpg]

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