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Controversial Sonic opinion thread
The title says it all...
.... Do you have a Controversial Sonic opinion you want to share?
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For me, I love Sonic Heroes. I don't know if that's really controversial but I know it gets frowned upon by a lot of people. I thought it was really good aside from the rail stages.
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Sonic Labyrinth is my favourite 8-bit Sonic game.
I think the current voices of the Sonic characters are the best.

Also even though I like the soundtrack, especially the 20th Anniversary Edition. I think Sonic CD is the worst classic Sonic game.
I would gladly want a remake of Sonic 06.
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I think Sonic 2 is the weakest of the good Sonic games. Don't @ me
I think the Master System/Game Gear version of Sonic the Hedgehog, is better than the Mega Drive/Genesis version.

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