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[Announcement] Add Music to your profile!
Hello, everyone! Just thought I'd add this feature for you to personalize your profile more. You now are able to edit your profile and add a song to it. Only SoundCloud is permitted but all you have to do is search a song on SoundCloud and enter the URL in your User CP. Boom!

@Zamau @Warzak85DF since you are big lovers of music I thought you might especially like this. Wink
[Image: SonicBlastUserbar3.png]
[Image: knuckes_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png][Image: espio_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png][Image: shadow_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png]

This sounds like a really cool feature! Can't wait to try it out.

Is there a specific field the Soundcloud URL should be entered into, or is it just automatically parsed from the bio? I looked around and was unable to find a dedicated field.
[Image: A0uWPe.jpg]

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