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SHQ Chat Shack
Yeah I had trouble with that too. You'll want to come back when you've got a Spirit with Assist Killer. After that it's pretty easy.

You'll find this is a recurring trend for most stages with Assist Trophy enemies tbh.
I thought it was morbidly hilarious that Paz appears as a Spirit... and she starts off holding a Bob-omb. It was probably a reference to Peace Walker, but considering she dies by implanted bomb during Ground Zeroes, it ends up coming across like an unintentional (hopefully) dark joke.
Could anyone who had never seen stars possibly imagine what infinity is, when, most likely,
The very concept of infinity first appeared among humans inspired, once upon a time, by the nocturnal vault of the heavens?
Yeah I saw that one. I did think it was a reference to Ground Zeroes myself. Didn't actually play Peace Walker so I'm not super familiar with her honestly.

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