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Birthday: February 3
Interests Sonic, Strike Witches, Maho Shoujo Madoka Magica, Rozen Maiden, Touhou, Black Rock Shooter, Megaman, Silhouette-Mirage, Stretch Panic, Kingdom Hearts, Persona, Final Fantasy, Gunstar Heroes, Skullgirls, Dodonpachi, NiGHTS Into Dreams, RWBY, Team Fortress 2, Cosmic Break, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, and a few other things.
Favorite System: PC
Country: United States of America
Favorite Sonic Character: Cosmo
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How I became a fan of Sonic: Sonic CD was the first ever video game I played, and it was so awesome. Ever since, I've been a huge Sonic fan. Sonic has just had such a huge influence on me over the years, and I feel that I will be a Sonic Fan to the very end.
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Be sure to check me out on Deviant Art to see some of my various drawings and artworks.

Also, I would like to ask a favor from for anyone who is my friend here.
If someday we meet in person in the near future, and I had recently done anything that would confirm that I had become a Brony (which as of now I am not one), such as if I had posted on a Pony-related fan-site, drawn a Pony-themed artwork, contributed to a Pony fanfic, or anything else along those lines. If I have done anything like that, I want you to punch me in the face without warning. This make sound like I'm joking, but I am absolutely serious about this. Ignore any future statements retracting this if I ever make any. Though if you do, please first confirm that it is me who is doing it, and not some Brony who is posing as me and wants to see me get punched. I do not wish to go down the path of the Bronies, and hopefully those of you reading this will help me so that it stays that way, if god forbid I ever even attempt it.
Thank you.