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~Fortress Base Zone~

Regular Forum Act II: Announcement Island
News and updates for =Sonic Blast=.
Be sure to check this area often so you don't miss any news regarding our forum!
Aggressive advertising! Today, 8:20 PM, By Neo Metallix
0 viewers Topics: 378 Replies: 14,025
Subforums: Archived News
Regular Forum Act I: Newbie Resort
New? Introduce yourself here!
Get to know our community and make friends in the process. This is a great place to start your stay at Sonic Blast.
Be sure to check out our =SB= Topics of Interest and Advanced Features Tutorial.
Well hello! Today, 10:21 AM, By Neo Metallix
1 viewer Topics: 2,148 Replies: 34,053
Regular Forum Act III: Suggestion Depot
Ask questions and share your opinions of our forum.
We take our operations seriously and appreciate any feedback you may have. Share and discuss your thoughts, ideas, and concerns for =SB= here. We will do our best to help you as soon as possible.
I brought back the news Sonic forum. Yesterday, 8:55 AM, By Neo Metallix
0 viewers Topics: 1,179 Replies: 15,987

~Mobius Valley Zone~

Regular Forum Act I: Sonic Newscast
All of the latest Sonic news.
Come here to read up on all of the latest news articles.
Archie Comics to start Sonic Boom series. Yesterday, 9:06 AM, By Neo Metallix
0 viewers Topics: 1 Replies: 0
Regular Forum Act II: Sonic's Moonlit Realm
General Sonic discussion.
Discussion of the latest news and on the T.V. shows, movies, comics, characters, Chao, and anything related to Sonic that isn't covered by the other categories.
Classic vs Modern; A Discussion on Design Yesterday, 6:46 PM, By Snow-Capped Rose
3 viewers Topics: 1,357 Replies: 30,948
Regular Forum Act III: Sonic's Starpost Stadium
Sonic video game reviews and discussion.
Discuss any Sonic game new or old. This is the place to ask for help if you are having difficulty in any particular Sonic game.
Sonic 2 Game Gear Auto Demo Jul 16 2014, 04:23 PM, By BLOPS2
1 viewer Topics: 1,094 Replies: 350,495
Read-only Forum Act IV: R.P.G. - Role Play Garden
Role play as your favorite official Sonic or fan character.
Ever wanted to be in Sonic's universe? Here you can jump into any Sonic or fan created storyline you like. Try to think outside the box and be creative!
Mephiles Returns Today, 12:21 AM, By Ian the Human
3 viewers Topics: 2,490 Replies: 222,009
Subforums: Schoolhouse Garden, Rookie Garden, Advanced Garden, Private Garden, Tournament Garden

~Cosmic Creation Zone~

Regular Forum Act I: Artist's Ocean
Share your art and make requests.
Post your art(of any nature), sprites, hoaxes, wallpapers, userbars, emotes, music, videos, fan-games, and other media here.
Sonic Blast Ad Banners Today, 11:55 AM, By Neo Metallix
4 viewers Topics: 3,002 Replies: 47,567
Regular Forum Act II: Fan Character Harbor
Show off fan characters you have created.
Everybody is gonna come up with a fan character sooner or later so this is the right place to be!
Miyuki Kitsune Jun 20 2014, 03:00 AM, By Naomi Kitsune
2 viewers Topics: 1,164 Replies: 7,131
Regular Forum Act III: Emerald Coast Library
Share and discuss fan written creations.
Including many things such as fan fictions, books, poems, or other forms of literature!
Sonic Blast and the Fated Kingdom Jul 7 2014, 11:55 AM, By Maj. Aaron Kunai
0 viewers Topics: 952 Replies: 6,831

~Community Night Zone~

Regular Forum Act I: Villageside Hangout
Non-Sonic related topic discussion.
Get to know fellow members outside of the Sonic world. If your topic does not fit anywhere else, then this is the place it should go.
Sonic fansites, the last of a dying breed... Today, 8:45 PM, By Neo Metallix
0 viewers Topics: 2,659 Replies: 69,934
Subforums: Advice Square
Regular Forum Act II: G.U.N. Game Colony
Non-Sonic video game news, reviews and discussion.
Anything related to gaming not related to Sonic including: game consoles, game characters, board games, etc.
Freedom Planet Today, 1:14 PM, By Shyna
0 viewers Topics: 2,912 Replies: 36,798
Subforums: Sega Channel
Regular Forum Act III: Entertainment Yard
Expand Your Mind with various hobbies and interests.
Including: TV shows, Movies, Music, Anime, Manga, Philosophy, Sports, Tech, Collecting, Card games, and any form of entertainment that you might be interested in.
Disney buys LucasFilms, Star Wars VII coming. Today, 1:30 PM, By Shyna
0 viewers Topics: 1,566 Replies: 45,352
Regular Forum Act IV: Casino Park
Forum games are held here.
When playing games, think outside the box and be creative! Your post count won't increase here.
=SB= Chat Cottage Yesterday, 3:09 PM, By FiniteZero
0 viewers Topics: 779 Replies: 643,049
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