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Regular Forum -=Act I=- News/Feedback Harbor
Announcements and feedback for =Sonic Blast=.
Be sure to check this area often so you don't miss any news regarding our forum! Ask questions and share your opinions of our forum.
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Brainstorming 24 minutes ago, By Neo Metallix
2 viewers Topics: 1,586 Replies: 30,137
Regular Forum -=Act II=- Newbie Resort
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I'm back kind of Sep 26 2016, 05:28 AM, By HollyYoshi
4 viewers Topics: 2,204 Replies: 29,523

~Mobius Valley Zone~

Regular Forum -=Act I=- Sonic's Moonlit Realm
General Sonic discussion.
Discussion of anything related to Sonic the Hedgehog outside of the games including the T.V. shows, movies, comics, characters, Chao, etc.
The Sounds of Speed Today, 8:26 AM, By DragonFlame
8 viewers Topics: 1,393 Replies: 31,153
Regular Forum -=Act II=- Sonic's Game Stadium
Sonic video game news, reviews, and discussion.
Discuss any Sonic game new or old. This is the place to ask for help if you are having difficulty in any particular Sonic game.
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Sonic Boom Fire and Ice Today, 7:27 AM, By KogaHarine
4 viewers Topics: 1,132 Replies: 350,843
Regular Forum -=Act III=- Artist's Showcase Yard
Share your fan art and make requests.
Post your art(of any nature), fan-characters, fan-fictions, fan-games, sprites, hoaxes, wallpapers, userbars, emotes, music, videos, and other media here.
Eggman's Revenge (Original Boss Battle Mus… Today, 8:55 AM, By DragonFlame
9 viewers Topics: 5,157 Replies: 61,455

~Community Night Zone~

Regular Forum -=Act I=- Chit-Chat Hangout
Non-Sonic related topic discussion.
Get to know fellow members outside of the Sonic world. Discuss your various hobbies and interests. If your topic does not fit anywhere else, then this is the place it should go.
One-Punch Man 29 minutes ago, By KogaHarine
11 viewers Topics: 4,271 Replies: 115,689
Regular Forum -=Act II=- Video Game Station
Non-Sonic video game news, reviews, and discussion.
Anything related to gaming not related to Sonic including: game consoles, game characters, board games, etc.
What is your next/last game purchase? Today, 7:44 AM, By Sonicfan059
7 viewers Topics: 2,990 Replies: 37,209
Regular Forum -=Act III=- Casino Park
Forum games are held here.
When playing games, think outside the box and be creative! Your post count won't increase here.
=SB= Chat Cottage 2: Cottage Cheese 3 minutes ago, By Kitm
10 viewers Topics: 783 Replies: 646,871


  • Today, 10:14 AM
    Cee Jay HaychPosted Image: .... Nothing good can come of this.
  • Today, 10:13 AM
    Neo MetallixPosted Image: If it gets abused I'll revoke that but we'll see.
  • Today, 10:13 AM
    Neo MetallixPosted Image: Just as an experiment I've allowed guests to post in the shout box.
  • Today, 5:54 AM
    Cee Jay HaychPosted Image: I got as far as the third boss fight, then I got bored.
  • Yesterday, 1:32 PM
    KitmPosted Image: I have, but I lost interest in it. The concept is neat, and the challenge is there, if only just to be there, but I wasn't engaged enough to finish it.
  • Yesterday, 8:19 AM
    KogaHarine: I've watched others play it. Haven't started it myself but it is on my PS4.
  • Yesterday, 7:46 AM
    Shyna: Furi. Anyone else played that?
  • Yesterday, 7:45 AM
    Shyna: I just checked out one of the most hard but adrenaline-filled games I've seen in a while
  • Sep 27 2016, 05:10 AM
    KogaHarine: Man I hope you can get back on your feet soon Naomi. How goes it on the hunt for a place to stay?
  • Sep 26 2016, 11:47 AM
    Naomi Kitsune: just sitting at mcdonalds to charge my batteris and use wifi

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