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Role Playing Rules

1) No god-modding
You can make your characters fast/strong but please don't make your characters absolutely invincible.
2) Be descriptive
Don't just post Stewie walked into the room it's not exciting at all.
3) No excessive cussing/Sexual content
4) No flaming other characters
Constructive criticism is all right, but insulting is not
eg: " I don't really like that attack Blade uses, it seems kinda cheap" this is acceptable
" Blade sucks " is unacceptable!
5) But most of all have fun!

-=Act IV=- Role Play Garden

Regular Forum Central Garden
The main garden for any participants.
Anyone is welcome to role play here. Full paragraphs are not required, but try to advance the story along.
WIDE AWAKE (Worldbuilding thread) Apr 4 2017, 10:17 AM, By ProtoBusterSword
Topics: 1,931 Replies: 114,168
Regular Forum Private Garden
Create a private role play here.
Private RPs are RPs where you select certain members to RP with you.
The Myth Reborn Sequel Jun 26 2017, 02:45 PM, By KogaHarine
Topics: 650 Replies: 114,083