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Sonic Blast Terms of Use

I. Admission & Account:

  • I. Account responsibilities:
    You're fully responsible for your account; Any fraudulent activity linked to your account can result in banning of your profile. Do NOT give out your account info. For your safety, it's highly recommended that you create a complex password, don't used shared computers, nor share your login information with anyone, including staff, although we reserve the right to share your private information with law enforcement under extraordinary circumstances or to any party whose rights you've infringed. Subsequently, trying to access another user's account for any reason, including imposture, harassment, and stalking are strictly prohibited.

  • II. Age restrictions:
    Sonic Blast does not knowingly reside members under 13 years of age, all users under 13 are required to file a COPPA form. Refer to the following LINK(click here) for information regarding users under 13 years.

II. Posting:

  • I. Unacceptable content:
    Don't make topics, posts, private messages, images, or links to material that are-- Excessively vulgar, offensive, inflammatory, and/or illegible; Allows or asks for the acquisition of pirated, hacking, and cracking materials; Is spam (less than three words, all caps, etc.); irrelevant to the topic of discussion; Unofficially released information for upcoming media (use "[spoiler][/spoiler]" tags instead).

  • II. Bumping:
    If you are going to bump an old topic make sure it's on the first page. Otherwise it is acceptable to bump if it needs updating and/or the topic is still relevant(not outdated like the 2000 Olympics). In any circumstance your post must contribute to the discussion and be comprehensive; Triple posting isn't allowed with the exception of stagnant support and art topics after every 24 hours.

  • III. Profile guidelines:
    Signatures and avatars must be kept to a reasonable size or contain quickly flashing images. Please do not use images in signatures that take lots of bandwidth. Furthermore, signatures cannot contain a text enlarged with three or more "[big][/big]" tags.

III. Warning System:

  • I. Disciplinary actions:
    Sonic Blast doesn't operate under a strict warning system. Although you can expect a verbal PM for your first few offenses, ultimately the admission and repeal of verbals, warnings, and bans are up to the staff members' discretion and based upon a culmination of your overall behavior and the level of the offense in question. If you would like to discuss a disciplinary action for any reason, you may PM an administrator, but be aware that we are not obligated to abide by any of your requests.

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