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Apr 26

Chapter 9 Members/Characters

Members/Characters introduced in Chapter Nine

Current Members Usename: `TakeCare
Guardian Name: Tactic Flint Sniper
Character Name: TC
Persona Character: Attire (connect them pants together, though) and mesh the hat with the colors. Standing at 5' 7" this swift fox has a silky smooth light brown fur that gives off a thin appearance that masks his slight muscular toned body. His large creamy white mane narrows to a point just above his belly button and soft to the touch. His thick bangs branch out and reach down past his thin white muzzle, capable of hiding his brown brown eyes but its usually cheats off to the right. The tip of his tail, bangs and center of the palms of his hands are charcoal colored. There are four distinctively large charcoal spots on his back, two on each shoulder blade. Much of his legs are bulky as they're twice the size of his forearms.
- Marksmanship. What else is there to say? His TakeCare is one of the reasons why this ability ranks higher than the one below. A miss lowers his long-range effectiveness. When he hits his mark, it has purpose.
- Pyrokinesis. Manipulate and create fire, has been around his since he first welded it and continues to use it to this day. While it has taken somewhat of a back seat compared to his Marksmanship TC's no slouch using fire as utility for aerial maneuvering or just straight up precision attack (not raining down a mass of fireballs, DBZ style.

- TakeCare. This handcrafted magelock has been the weapon of choice for TC. His prized procession bar none. Through much trial-and-error, constantly tinkering this gun seen more modifications over the years than TC has birthdays. His current version holds only one bullet at a time. So firing this off means the shot has to count.
- Arcane Bullets. While standard ammunition is a given, TC has created bullets inscribed with Chinese that were made for specific situations. Flash bang, blinding powder, buckshot, mortar, tracking device, tranquilizer, even various elemental magick lists some of his varied arsenal. While utility options are low compared to what one could do with bow and arrows, the bullets are mainly used for offensive means.
- Belinda's Tooth. This sturdy Chinese Dao is 2.5 feet in total length and relatively light for mobility's sake. Forged by the breath of a dragon, its steel allows for the blade to be engulfed with intense flames without the steel melting. The sheath for his sword hangs behind him.
- Ruby Rune of Flame. Shaped as a tear drop, this shiny red rune is small enough to fit comfortably in one's pocket. The rock provides all the necessary mana for creating and controlling fire, leaving him with plenty of breathing space for attacks and tricks. It gives off a orange hue when used.
Gender: Male
Personality: Quiet and is willing to stick to the shadows of the background TC is very much a loner. However, that's not to say he's not an open minded person. He has a lot of patience with others. It just takes time to wiggle through his zones of friendship, and even more so to gain his trust and the full extent of his kind-heart. TC is quite passionate in the work he does. Sometime you can see him basking in it, other times his seriousness shows the focus he's committed to a task.

Whether it be events happening or in fights, adaptability has been something of a strong suit for TC. The fox is confident in all ranges of combat despite being a jack-of-all-trades, but if his emotions get to him putting himself mid to long range are the areas where he can collect himself in comfort.
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Apr 19

Chapter 7 Members/Characters

Members/Characters introduced in Chapter Seven

Current Members Usename: Snow-Capped Rose
Guardian Name: Special Operative Blaire (Or just 'Blaire' for short)
Character Name: Blaire Fields
Persona Character: She's a tall, slender Caucasian human. Her brown hair reaches a couple inches above her shoulders, with a piece on the top that slightly rises and goes above and over her right eye, both of which are brown. She is often seen wearing a black open trench coat over a red shirt as well as blue jeans with a black belt, black ankle-length boots and a pair of gloves with a single snowflake design sewn on the back.
Powers: Cryokinesis, or Ice Manipulation if you will. This ability allows her to perform a wide variety of moves, from throwing a weapon that looks similar to a large snowflake, but with sharped, curved ends, to forming a sword made of ice, to sending several ice needles at her foes, to even freezing them.
Weapons: Other than a pair of daggers, she doesn't care much in the way of weapons
Gender: Female
Personality: She is calm in most situations; not a whole lot phases her. She also carries with her a sharp wit and an equally sharp tongue, though this is more in the lines of 'playful' teasing. However, she does tend to be a bit arrogant and overconfident in her own skills and abilities.


Current Members Username: Retro Kunai Rampage
Guardian name: Ajkunai
Character Name: Aaron Kunai
Persona appearance: White skin, long untidy brown hair, diamond eyes, wearing red tee shirt with the rock band symbol for guitarist, black jeans.
Powers: Aaron houses the power of ancient rock inside his soul. Whenever he picks up a guitar, be it his own or not, he can master that guitar with no problem.

Leviathan swing: Aaron charges his guitar body with mystical energy, and swings it at full force towards his enemies. The force can and will knock back anyone and anything in its way. Also, depending on the energy he puts into it, he can set anything on fire, shock anything, or freeze anything unlucky enough to get hit with this instrument.

Summoning: uses the power of rock to its fullest potential, and that potential takes the form of several rock "Spirits." Here they are, as follows:

Dragon: When Aaron shreds a mixture of heavy metal and speed metal, the two forces marry each other, thus creating this awe-inspiring beast. The dragon may look very scary and unholy on the outside, given its scaly red hide, its gothic gargoyle-like wings with their very sharp spikes on the tips, and its equally sharp claws. However, if those features alone don't get the job done, the resulting green fire blast from its gruesome gaping maw will.

Scorpion: The way Aaron summons this beast is by playing frets of Mexican flamenco fury. The scorpion's main attacks are usually with its huge and deathly sharp pincers. However, if it so chooses, it can impale the enemy with its barb tail, just like its smaller, and just as deadly, counterpart.

Eagle: By playing notes of uplifting encouragement, This massive Eagle comes to Aaron's aid. The eagle can scream a huge sonic boom that can shatter glass about 5 countries away if it so wants to, blasting the foes back. It can also use its massive wings to block Aaron and any other member of his team from harm. And also, its huge talons can grip an enemy, and start to impale it. This beast is a Swiss army knife, but only a lot more larger, deadlier, and more feathery and majestic.

Tornado: The next spirit Aaron summons via many rushed riffs and frets, doesn't have an animal form, but a twister. This twister can deflect most attacks and when combined with a firestorm or tsunami (more on those in a second,) this twister can burn foes many times over or completely submerge them, making the twister a very versatile spirit to summon.

Firestorm: when the riffs and frets heat up from Aaron's guitar, so does the atmosphere, causing it to rain meteors down from the sky. This very vision of judgment day causes a lot of fire damage to foes who don't have the proper protection. A good thing about this is that Aaron nor his team does not get burned. The meteors and flames actually fall on their foes.

Tsunami: Completely the opposite of the firestorm spirit. Aaron plays some blues for us, and that channels into a wall of water. This can completely submerge an entire landmass or put many burning buildings at once. Talk about handy!! However, it can fall from the sky if no water is present. Just goes to show you that even in the digital dive, everything and anything is possible. Except god-modding, but that's a different story. Also, the tsunami targets foes, and not Aaron or his team.

Thunderstorm: The final spirit that Aaron can summon is when he plays some very shocking speed metal for us. The result is several pillars of pure lighting that has many uses. For example, it can be used as a power source (that is as long as Aaron is playing,) It can be a protective barrier and when used near water, it can attack water-based enemies as well. Also, like the tsunami and firestorm spirits, it harms foes and not Aaron's team.

Weapons: Aaron is always armed with his beloved SoulString Electric guitar strapped to his back. He can use it for melee attacks, or if he's hooked to an amplifier, can blast his foes with soundwaves and the occasional thunderbolt, for the sake of rock and roll.
Gender: male
Personality: Aaron is that guy who, when trouble rears its ugly head, he snaps into action, and gives his all to defuse or defeat the danger at hand. Other times Aaron is
Laid back, tending to the object of his affection, his SoulString Electric guitar.
Other: is currently on a mission to pilfer an ancient guitar from a temple buried deep under the kingdom.
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Apr 19

Chapter 5 Members/Characters

Charas/members that were introduced in Chapter Five

Current Members Username: Eren Jaeger
Guardian Name: Combo
Character Name: Leon "Combo" Kaigo
Persona Character: Leon's appearance. He's not a trainer, but it was the best human maker I could find.
Powers: Any hit he uses is multiplied, where the name "Combo" comes from. (You saw in the tournament. XD) Full body hits: punches, knees, kicks, elbow, headbutt, etc. His aura effects:

Manus for hands/Pedes for feet:
Arma: Increases his attack strength but lowers the multi-hit effect. Also allows him to charge and fire multi-hit shockwaves
Contego: Makes his hands or feet impervious to damage. Manus Contego lets him generate a shield using both hands but only in front of him.
Celer: Pedes Celer makes him move much faster. Manus Celer speeds up the multi-hit effects but lowers his strength. This is used to stun opponents.

Weapons: None
Gender: Male
Personality: Combo's pretty carefree and relaxed but hates wasting time. He'd want to multi-task or "Kill two birds for one stone." Turns most things into a joke but is calm overall.
Other: As part of his backstory, he's a God from another world. He uses a sentient/nearly human body when anywhere else than his home planet, I guess the forum being included. Technically, he's already dead.

Members current username: Amarok
Guardian Name: Ezekial
Character Name: Ezekial Wolffe, of course!
Persona Character: Ezekial is a gray wolf, having an underbelly of white fur. His tail is slightly longer than average, and slightly deviates from the color scheme as having the very tip blackened. Ezekial wears dark-grey sneakers, an average pair of jeans, a cotton t-shirt, and a black, cotton, biker's jacket, usually wearing it open. The only gear that can be noticed are his fingerless gloves, as he prefers not to restrict his claws.
Powers: Along with a bit of superstrength, acrobatic agility, and a slight increase in speed, Ezekial also controls the element of ice through a darkblue, freezing flame (also known as frost-flame). It also chills the area around it to water's freezing temperature, and it's effects are the direct opposite of fire, instead instantly (and painfully) freezing what touches it. (is this too over powered?
Weapons: no true weapons but his claws and teeth
Gender: None. Kidding, it's male!
Personality: He's a good natured wolf who can be just a bit tactless (he can see why he could use it, he's just not good at it).He can be seen as observant and, oddly enough, clueless at the same time. He knows how to analyze situations and figure out what's going on in the room (he's almost as good as Sherlock Holmes), but if he's rushed, he's far more likely to make a mistake. It's mistakes like this in the past that lead him to be just a little suspicious of anyone he meets for the first time. It's not direct mistrust, he'd just keep his eye on them. In battle, these analysis skills are used constantly to cancel out his opponent's attacks. He also puts the environment to full use if he can; he might leave a room in shambles if the fight goes on too long. He's willing to break an opponent's limbs to immobilize them if it has to come to that.
-He's allergic to seafood and chocolate, but he loves the taste of the latter.
-He can't use electronics very well unless it's to weaponize them.
-He's got a dragon tatoo burned in to his fur on his right leg (it's a long story involving the Yakuza, his sister, and incompetant tatoo artists.)
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Jul 3

Other Characters - Set 1

Guardian Name: (Previously) Red-Boombox/Red for short - (Currently on file) No Data Available
Character Name: Redden Sigma
Persona Character: See here
Powers: Sonic boom punches - He builds up red energy called Mass-Blast around his fists. Whatever comes in contact with it will receive a sonic boom impact. There are three degrees to his Mass-Blast. Dark red means low damage, red means normal damage, light red means high damage(which often hurts him as well since he is so close to the sonic boom)
Weapons: None
Gender: Male
Personality: Sly guy, according to himself. He is very cautious though, even more so when it comes to his powers. He is always seeking approval from everyone, so he'll goof of, become serious, sympathize, or whatever it takes to get no someone's good side/be liked by everyone. He rarely gives attitude, but he'll sick his neck out for his friends.
Other: He is a computer wiz, although he didn't put that in his profile because he thought he'd get a desk job which is not what he wanted. He is also a decent hacker, not the best though.


Guardian Name: Otogi
Character Name: Celisey Rano
Persona Character: See here
Powers: Premonition - She can look into the future and view hidden dangers, as well as predict her enemy's next movement. This takes a lot of focusing and concentration, not something she can do within two seconds. She also knows small healing chants and buffer chants.
Weapons: She knows an old chant that spawns twenty different melee weapons in the air and makes it rain down on her and her enemy. Each time there weapons are different, ranging from daggers to large lances and broadswords. She can easily pick up any of these weapons and use them, but so could her opponent.
Gender: Female
Personality: She is very proper and polite. She has a slight temper she tries to keep hidden. She does very well masking her true nature, which is to lash out at anyone whenever she gets the chance. She tries to remain calm but she normally wears her emotions on her sleeves.
Other: She has a hidden power that she herself doesn't understand. She didnt submit it in her file because she was afraid she wouldn't be accepted if she listened she had an unknown power that she may not be able to control. She figured the training she would get would help her control it more.


Guardian Name: Cross-Faith
Character Name: Cross Gunler & Faith Gunler
Persona Character: See here (Cross=Left - Faith=Right)
Powers: Both of them can create light based portal/warps in the shape of a cross. They also have a subspace of there own where they can store a great number objects, big or small. Cross is well trained with pistols and hand handled gun while Faith is trained with lances and staff like weapons.
Weapons: Cross has two white and silver magnums, Faith has a silver and white lance that can be broken in the middle to make a duel-wielding weapon.
Gender: Male
Personality: Despite what everyone thinks, the two of them are kind at heart. Having said that, they are both very good actors. Their line of work has made them portray a number of different characters and mannerisms. Most people simply don't like them because they don't trust them. It is extremely hard to know what they're thinking, what are their motives, and if they can truly be trusted. In short, they vary depending on their goal and what they're trying to accomplish.
Other: Cross and Faith are twins, but what people don't know is that them being twins is part of their true power. No one knows what hidden secret they posses, but what some have figured out, is that Cross and Faith aren't twins, they're triplets.
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Jun 30

Chapter 3 Members/Characters

Charas/members that were introduced in Chapter three. :D


Members current username: Fenroar
Guardian Name: Fenroar
Character Name: Fenroar Strauss
Persona Character: Black hair with the back tied in a small ponytail, normal white skin, and red eyes. Fenroar tends to wear a black and red flannel hat, its ears covering the sides of his face. He wears a silver, buttoned vest with darker silver outlines, a tight long-sleeve black t-shirt with red stripes down the sleeves, black gloves with silver armor padding covering his forearms and bits of his hands, black pants having the thick dark red stripes like his sleeves, and the pants are tucked into black boots with white lines down the center, zipped up.
Powers: Electricity. Go crazy.
Weapons: Long crimson red sword, nearly as tall as Fenroar himself, with a think yet thin blade and a black rapier-like hilt. Black also color the side edges.
Gender: Male
Personality: Calm, collected, yet easily prone to annoyance, also tries to keep a cheerful front.


Members current username: Ludius
Guardian Name: Ludichaos (often shortened to Ludi)
Character Name: Ludius (an assumed name based on his G. Name. He likes to keep details about himself vague)

Persona Character: His entire body is covered in clothing of some sort, making his true appearance underneath it somewhat of a mystery. His outfit is that of a Grandmaster while also having a Mage's Hat on his head (same colour as the fabric of the upper portion of his clothing). Bizarrely his face appears to be shrouded in a constant shadow with only two glowing beads for eyes being any indication he even has a face (think Final Fantasy Black Mage for the sort of look I'm going for). In the rare instances he has his hat off, he is in fact very human looking. Caucasian skin with dark blue shoulder length hair that frames his face and dark gold eyes.

Powers: Ludius is best known for his penchant for tactics, being able to size up enemies at a glance and advise others on how to act in battle. But he is also quite adapt at many varieties of magical arts. He has moved past the point of requiring tombs to read from and can recall most spells he has learned with a few simple motions of his hands, having a preference for magic that draws power from the elements. But he's not just limited to offensive spells, also being able to buff his allies with protective magic or spells that increase their abilities in combat. Rumour has it he can also summon powerful creatures from other worlds, but this is a talent few have seen (or believe in). While not necessarily a power, it has been noted that he has an odd habit of appearing in the strangest of places, seemingly out of nowhere. Usually to offer some friendly advice to whoever he appears to for whatever reason they may need it, whether they asked for it or not.

Weapons: As well as being proficient in magic, Ludius is quite handy with a sword. Since carrying them around would be rather cumbersome he usually opts to conjure one from thin air when he needs it. The styles may vary, but he often prefers longsword type armaments.

Gender: Male (though most would assume he's an it until he reveals his face)

Personality: Despite being one of the largest mysteries the Guardians have to offer, Ludius also happens to be one of the most laid-back. While he takes his duties seriously enough and completes tasks efficiently, he's also the most likely to give new recruits a break when they screw up. A side effect of his carefree attitude is a complete lack of fear for those others might find intimidating (such as Rabid :P), making him liable to tell them to lighten up a little.

His way of acting will often throw people off when it comes to gauging how powerful he is. Naturally, this means any shows of power come as a big surprise to any who don't know what he's capable of.

Other: Ludius can be considered among some of the more powerful members of the Guardians, but he rarely makes this known. He often opts to offer advise instead in more of a tactician role. But should he step into battle himself he can often be a game changer for the side he's aligned with.


Members current username: Pianta
Guardian Name: Pianta
Character Name: Aurorae
Persona Character: OC
Powers: Flight, mind reading, telekinesis
Weapons: None, feel free to make anything up.
Gender: Female
Personality: Tsundere
Other: Basically the same character as last time. ;3(the Madness fic)


Conclusion of charas that were first introduced in chapter three. :D
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Jun 30

Chapter 2 Characters/Members

So! here are the members and their characters, first introduced In chapter 2.

Members current username: RabidChoco
G-Name: RabidChoco (commonly: "Rabid"; those who know and aim to make him mad, use an older name: "Planeswalker."
C-Name: Taylor Hiss
Persona: Again, character named above. Lanky rifleman with the black biker jacket.
Powers: Fire creation and control; as well as limited spatial warp, for that "flash step" effect.
Weapons: Commonly carries a scoped rifle. For up close, he tends to use a staff, but is trying to get the hang of the halberd.
Gender: Male
Personality: Most people would characterize Rabid as somewhat flighty and impulsive (recently taking up fortune-reading with TCG cards, for example), appropriate for a fire mage. What most people don't realize is that it's an act. The rifle's a hint as to his true nature, studious and calculating. Everything he does is for a reason, although sometimes he's the only one to see how certain actions lead to certain outcomes.


Members current username: YamiShadow
Guardian name: Yami

Character name: YamiShadow

Persona character: Human. Pale. Has long black hair, and ocean-blue eyes. His right ear is pierced with a small earring. He wears black robes with a hood, but doesn't wear the hood often. He's about 5'11" and fairly light for his height. He does not have a big build, and does not appear strong at a glance.

Powers: Bird summoning. Full control over air within a 5'11 radius, to the point that he can essentially produce sharp needles in it, or make nooses for people to be 'trapped in'. This area can be extended briefly for large gusts of wind, which are no different from, and no more harmful than, an ordinary but powerful gust of wind.

Weapons: His earring is a magical "filter" to strengthen his abilities. He also wears a ring for the purpose of storing memories, whether they are his own or another's.

Gender: Male

Personality: Relaxed, friendly, but extremely shy. He doesn't often go out of his way to make friends, but if anyone addresses him, he'll most likely seem nice enough. He has a tendency to help out whenever he's asked to, unless he has another duty that is absolutely vital by comparison.

Other: He loves birds. Tea is his favorite drink. Water is a weakness, as it dampens his abilities when he is in it. He is somewhat unobservant, and so he can be snuck up on easily. His fighting style is generally a "wear down your foe by defense, then strike precisely with only just enough strength to defeat them." As mentioned, he and Elly's character are a couple.


Members current username: VGC Solid Snake
Guardian Name: The Trickster/The Virus (known by a variety of nicknames; called "Tricks", "Trick", and "Tricky" by those who have met her and know her somewhat. Only one person can call her Trix or Trixie--if he joins, I'll let you know who. Those who want her destroyed call her "Virus" or "Vira." Ironically, she likes the name Vira.)

Character Name: (I don't want to use my real name. = P) Her name is Trix Monarah (Trix--pronounced like "Tricks"--Monarah--"Mona" like "Mona Lisa" and then "rah".)

Persona Character: Trix is a Neko-Oni, or a cat demon. She has a mostly human appearance. The exceptions are her cat ears, her sharp teeth and fangs, her clawed hands and feet, her tail, and her eyes have cat-like pupils (cat eyes). Initially in the story, she'll appear as a grey "virus" in the system. Her eyes are like this, but more cat-like. Her ears are black, but with grey insides. She has black hair styled like the blonde girl's hair in this picture. Her skin is very pale--kind of like the girl in the first picture I linked. Her nails/claws are black, as well as her tail. She wears a black V-neck shirt with long sleeves, with wide sleeves by the hands. Her pants are the same way, with wide leg openings near the bottom. Her clothes are kind of baggy and fit like a sweatshirt/sweatpants. She also wears a metal chain belt around her waist, the same color as her weapons. (Forget the combat hat for this story. XD) (As the story progresses and her environment changes, Trix will change colors--just give me a shout, and I can send you the colors that she would take on.)

Powers: Trix seems to intuitively know the most embarrassing/darkest secrets of others. She'll often use that to catch her opponents off-guard during a fight, or to annoy and anger them. Her cat ears give her enhanced hearing compared to average humans. She also has a higher sense of smell and sight--she sees especially well in the dark. As for fighting and other powers...She utilizes a ton of parkour-style moves, often using her "glitching" (moving from the ground to the wall to the ceiling, etc.) to gain the upper hand in battle. Because of her abilities as a living paradox, she can teleport anywhere at anytime without leaving a trace. She's of average strength, but her speed is unmatched. Her enormous speed and velocity adds greater speed to her attacks, making her appear stronger than she actually is. She utilizes a kung-fu style of sparring. She's intelligent in battle, but not with being nice to others/being kind (social mannerisms). She absolutely loves to fight, and she nearly always wins. If not the first time...she'll keep trying at different times.

Weapons: Trix, being a Neko-Oni, naturally has long and sharp nail/claws; however, she prefers not to use them. Instead, she uses these. She has that pair for her hands/wrists, and a similar pair for her feet/ankles. She treats her weapons like her own limbs.

Gender: Female!

Personality: Trix loves aggravating and teasing others. She's mostly an annoyance-on-purpose sort of person. She loves making her enemies feel vulnerable. She's extremely aggressive and ready to battle things out. She doesn't have a quick/bad temper, but she's quick to start a fight. She's intelligent in battle, but rough around the edges when dealing with people. However, she can sometimes be caught off-guard by a sincere compliment or nice comment. Then she gets a bit shy. She doesn't smile; she just frowns in confusion and looks away. She rarely smiles (unless it's a mean, battle-lusty smile), but she smirks often. She loves to laugh. And one person in particular can make her smile and lighten up a bit.


And that concludes the characters/members featured int his story that first appear in chapter two. :D
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